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We create & tell your story!


Our focus is on:

Sponsorship Activation

Fans look for some unique experience. Sponsors want to use their sponsorships for storytelling, promotion and sales increase. Overtime can be your creative & innovative force

Digital Communication

We develop & execute strategies for professional athletes, sport clubs, associations & competitions to be in 24/7 contact with the fans through Social Media, Websites, E-mail or Mobile apps

Content Creation

We have a plug’n’play approach (content creators + designers) for text match previews, video interviews, audio statements, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn activity, photo galleries…

Our activities also include:

Business Through Sport

Our team has positive relationship with many companies in Europe. We can help you with making eye-catching presentations and partnership offers

Media Relations

To get the media coverage you need strong relations, interesting stories and real-time updates. We are in everyday contact with editors and journalists

Promotion & Branding

It is all about telling a story. About building a brand. Overtime sport marketing team scores inside the box, but thinks outside of it.
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Live Streaming

If no one knows about your live stream, it is a clear waste. Besides offering technical solution, we offer a complete content coverage (match previews, promo visuals…)

“Overtime team showed
great creativity & organisational skills
in a very short period of time.

We are very confident in recommending Overtime
as a professional team.”

Ivan Lovrecek

Deputy CEO, RTL Television Croatia (Handball)

“Overtime team provided
great solutions & proposals
and helped us with various tasks and challenges.

We are happy we had such a reliable partner
in Overtime!

Arsen Solic

Camp Director, Damjan Rudez Basketball Camp

“Overtime team has shown
high levels of
professionalism & creativity
in content creation.

We are
delighted with the work
Overtime is doing for us.”

Hrvoje Lindi

General Secretary, Croatian Judo Association

“Overtime team was
a great partner
in the field of
digital communication
and public relations.

The results of this partnership could be seen on several levels.”

Vladimir Madarevic

Sport Director of the Competition, Grand Prix Osijek 2015 Challenge Cup

“Overtime team is
very creative & flexible,
while thinking out of the box.

We enjoyed working with them
as they were
relaxed & friendly,
yet very professional.”

Natalija Mitric

Executive Director, (Key Move Agent)

“I’m very satisfied
with Overtime’s work on the new website of my book.

It’s a
mix of modern & traditional.
It brings a breath of fresh air in the promotion of my book.”

Abas Arslanagic

Handball Legend (Goalkeeper & Coach),

Questions about Overtime


Is football the only sport you are covering?

No. We are not limited only to football. Our clients range from athletes to coaches to clubs and associations in various sports (basketball, futsal, judo…) We are looking forward to new challenges.


In which countries are you active?

Our headquarters are in Croatia (Zagreb) but we have clients and partners all over the South East Europe (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania) and beyond (Austria, Hungary, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland). We like to amaze. Don’t hesitate to contact us


Are you a marketing agency?

Overtime is much more than a marketing agency. We are strategists, content creators, fundraisers, project managers and problem solvers. If it is related to sport we are your team.


How much do you charge?

We can help you in number of ways. Because of that it is literally impossible to say “This is our price”. We have individual approach to each client. In some cases we charge per hour. In other cases fixed fee is more appropriate. We like to meet new people – Contact us

Sports marketing news / Case Studies

(Click here for many more stories)

China – the world’s next football superpower?

In many areas, China is catching up with the world, but in one field it is still a big under-performer. China is considered to be a third-rate country in football. However, they want to change that fact. Recently, Chinese government has released a comprehensive football reform, and they are planning to become a new football superpower.

When you must say goodbye, do it in style

Saying goodbye to something that you love is not the easiest thing to do. But when you have to do it, you should do it in style, just like West Ham United did it. West Ham United found an epic way to say goodbye to their stadium, the Boleyn Ground, a stadium that has been their home for 112 years.

Advantages of Podcast Advertising

I have been a fan of podcasts for quite some time now. I listen to podcasts at any given moment. So much, that I practically don’t listen to music anymore. If I have my headphones on, I’m listening to podcasts. If I’m driving my car, I’m listening to podcasts. I like podcasts so much that I even started to my own podcast, which still struggles for enough attention.

Future of Facebook

The next big thing is coming! Ticketmaster and Eventbrite will start selling tickets directly on Facebook placing their core business inside the social media giant. The start of the buy-on-Facebook option will be limited to a select group of companies in United States and it is not exactly clear how the entire process will work. As you can remember, the same was with the Facebook live…


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