We had internal talks about this topic for the last couple of months. What triggered us to write this blog post was an Instagram photo made by Barcelona’s rising star, Alen Halilovic.

The photo that made FC Barcelona staff angry (more about that HERE) points to several things, and we summed them up in ‘5 basic tips for young athletes how not to make your “bosses” mad’.

1. Find out about internal guidelines and rules

Moving from your hometown to a bigger city can be a stressful period in young athletes’ lives. Who can think about social media communication while your life is turning upside-down, right?  

This is why organized sports clubs have internal rules and guidelines for their athletes. If you don’t get them as a part of the welcome kit, ask your Marketing & Communications/PR department about it. Don’t be all “I-don’t-need-that-I-know-everything”. That is the best way to get fined.

2. Ask senior teammates

Older guys/ladies in your team went through similar problems and challenges you are going through. OK, social media wasn’t so important while they were 16 or 18, but still, they had their “social media challenges”. 

If you are not sure if you can publish some content, ask them for advice. If you are still not sure, ask your Marketing & Communications/PR department. They are usually super cautious, and if something goes wrong, you will have an argument in “They approved”.

3. Don’t try to be a Big Shot

You won’t have the same treatment as the club’s biggest star. Your actions are being watched with extra caution.

It is cool to have the best Instagram photo or the exclusive Facebook status, but coolness is quickly forgotten when you get the note “Coach wants to see you”. You can always click Cancel/Delete. Remember, deciding NOT to do something is also a decision.

4. Learn, learn, learn

Sport and your career are your No.1 priority. One of the career segments you need to develop is communication. In the same way you train your body and mind for matches and tournaments, you need to develop your communication skills. How to deal with energetic fans? What to do when you meet haters? (And you will). How to use your name as a positive brand?

If you feel this is too much for you, companies such as Overtime can help you. Don’t just work with anybody. Meet with people and see if you “click”. We are also your trainers but in communication world.

5. Level up!

While benefits of getting into the “big boys game” are often quite significant, they are followed by obligations. Obligations are often greater than you thought at first.

You can’t be the same player you were two years ago. That is why (young) athletes need more education regarding their communication skills. To level up. To be better. Each day.


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