Some interesting things happened on social media in the past few months. We carefully monitored every move clubs, player and associations made, and this article is a result of that monitoring. I hope you will enjoy what we found and learn something from these great examples and/or mistakes.


UEFA has an interesting Champions League account with a lot of great content. But they made a funny mistake when they tagged musician Luis Enrique instead of Barcelona coach Luis Enrique.

It was really funny, but those who work, make mistakes.

Screenshot 2015-04-24 14.06.31


This was great interaction from Borussia Mönchengladbach on Twitter. After they won the game that sealed the title for FC Bayern, they congratulated them and sent an interesting message…

Screenshot 2015-04-26 20.44.43

Another example of great work from Mönchengladbach social media team was when they replied to a comment that was directed towards the club on a Football Manager 2015 computer game.



Interesting story comes from Charlton Athletic FC. Several months ago they tweeted about their rival’s (Bournemouth) chances of promotion to the Premier League.  Pretty funny, you have to say. 

And when you have something that interesting, it’s obvious that you will have more than 50.000 retweets. Creativity at it’s best.

Screenshot 2015-04-28 10.07.49


There will be haters (do you remember that great Adidas ad about it?), and it’s on you to answer to them in the best possible way. We have some interesting examples below, and I like their style. What do you think?

Screenshot 2015-05-13 00.35.49


Screenshot 2015-06-13 16.30.02


What would you do if your fan tweeted every day saying: “tell Dickov to get the pen out!”? Doncaster Rovers FC turned the negative into positive and asked that fan to be the first fan ever to announce a club signing from his own Twitter account! Cool, isn’t it?

Screenshot 2015-06-10 15.14.29


Chelsea FC won the Premier league last season, and they celebrated it in a unique way on Twitter. Instead of Chelsea FC, they named their Twitter account CHAMPIONS!



Athletes must be careful on social media, especially today when everyone is watching. Great example comes from a young player Julio Rey who tweeted something bad about Deportivo La Coruna. Three years later, Deportivo signed the Rey.

But, when they found out about the tweet from 2012, they cancelled the transfer! 

Screenshot 2015-07-21 11.44.50



I absolutely love this example. Mario Götze showed us how athletes should communicate with fans.

Mario Thissen posted a photo on FC Bayern Official Facebook, with a note: “Please can you pass a message on to Mr. Götze. “Hello Mario! You owe me 49.90 for a new controller. You missed a penalty in the 90th minute of Fifa – thanks! I’ll send you my bank account details tomorrow. Cheers.

Mario Götze answered:

Hello Mario

Missing a penalty in the 90th minute is worse than disappointing. In any case, you’re very frustrated – I can totally understand. What was up with Thomas Muller? But don’t just throw your controller in a corner – it’s not the controller’s fault. I’m putting a little package together for you, and next time I’ll get it in, I promise! FC Bayern Munich. 

Cheers Mario!

(Just take a look in your “Others” folder)



If you have more examples like these, please share with us in comments below, or share it with @promo_overtime account on Twitter. You can also e-mail it to me at






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