Arsenal won Britain’s Website of the Year 2014 in two categories, as the best website and as most popular sports website. They won this award also in 2011. and 2013., so it’s third award in the last four years for them.

The most important thing about this website is that no other Premier League website has been optimised to work as seamlessly across desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices. Benefitting from clean, clear navigation, the new website makes it easier for fans to access a wealth of great content about the club no matter what device they are using.


Fluid social media integration has provided the ability to share articles, images and other exciting content with a single click (or press of a thumb), which allows fans from around the world to interact with one another and providing the club with new opportunities for engagement.

Before start, Arsenal partners and website developers had the nine-month redevelopment process began with extensive research and user feedback to ascertain the requirements of the Arsenal fans. This, coupled with the growing number of traffic from mobile devices (up to 20% at the time of writing) led to the decision to implement responsive technology.

Full access to the site is pushed within the videos on social media, with sign-up at no cost. In return, the club gathers useful CRM data of its fans.

The company that made this website has success on one more project in football, Liverpool online store. With them, Liverpool have won Best in Class international e-commerce award.

Clubs & federations’ representatives feel free to contact us so we could help you create modern websites and increase your value to your sponsors and fans.

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