An interesting campaign came from Adidas, and they called it: „There will be haters!” Haters are everywhere, and every one of us has haters, especially players like Benzema, Rodriguez, Bale and Suarez!

‘They hate the way you celebrate’, ‘They hate the way you walk’, ‘They hate the way you stand up’… these are some of the main messages in this campaign. This is a Nike style campaign and I was astonished to see it was Adidas who made it. 

Adidas made one long promo video and a few short videos with personalized content. Every player in the campaign used his Social media channels to share the story #ThereWillBeHaters.

In our Cristiano Ronaldo story, you could read that: “It’ better interaction on the same post posted on Ronaldo’s Social media than on the Social media from the brand that posted on his pages.” It’s the same thing with other players, their fans love them, and if they wear Adidas, they like Adidas!

This campaign is a tribute to the passion that drives players and fans alike.

The conclusion of the spot jumps to the chase, stating, ‘And they hate your shiny new boots. They hate your boots, because they wish they were in them.’

It’s a great campaign because Adidas uses Star players and their Social media platforms for advertising. It’s also great that they created a lot of content, and they can use it for a longer period of time.



They also use other players who wear Adidas boots, and they talk about haters! It’s a great example of how Social media works and why it is important to have the page on Facebook or profile on Twitter.



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