While BC Cibona was struggling to get support for keeping club alive Overtime team was a part of initiative “Save Cibona”. Initiative used big Euroleague match against BC Barcelona to raise awareness.

The initiative made the most of the big Euroleague match against BC Barcelona in order to raise public and media awareness about the situation in the club.

Overtime team members co-created the activity “This is what it will sound like if Cibona stops to exist”. Besides creating a banner “This is the what it will sound like if Cibona stops to exist” the initiative arranged three minutes of silence during the match. The whole audience (it was a sold-out match), including journalists and VIP guests, stood for three minutes without making any sound at all. The activity got a lot of media coverage in all Croatian media, raised public awareness and helped in saving the club.

Watch the video to feel The Loudest Silence in basketball:

Activity results:

  • – 6000 people stood for three minutes to raise awareness about difficult situation in BC Cibona
  • – Every media front page covered this activity (PR value over 3 million kunas, appx. 400 thousand euros)
  • – Great social responsibility activity
  • – Initiative’s press conference held couple of days after was covered by all national media representatives
  • – Credibility was built for initiative representatives to talk with Cibona’s Board of Directors
  • – Club continued to exist

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