Case study: Move Week 2015 in Croatia


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“We are very satisfied with the work Overtime team has done on the “Pokret za radost” project from the very beginning. They are very creative, flexible and are thinking out of the box. We enjoyed working with them as they were relaxed and friendly, yet very professional. We will definitely continue working with them on our future projects.”

Natalija Mitrić

executive director, (key Move Agent)

Move Week is an annual European-wide event and integral part of the NowWeMove campaign. The objective is to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity throughout Europe. is the key Move Agent in Croatia which organized big opening of Move Week 2015 on the 19th of September in collaboration with Coca-Cola Croatia. The big event was called „Pokret za radost“ (in English “Movement for happiness”). It was organized at Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb and it offered 27 free sports activities at 3 different stages: dance, fitness and martial sports.

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different offline/online media covering activities

“It was an unbelievable experience. We received positive feedback from our participants which made us very happy.” Emina Hecimovic

Ground Force instructor

“Great atmosphere, everybody was very active and happy to be part of this event. We are looking forward to future projects ” Peyton Sawyer


It was great, the workshops made my day. Big thanks to the organisation committee. Lucija Klaric


“It was more than expected. Very good! Jasna Pentek



naslov1   It is important to target the right group which you aim at with your campaign. After profiling the right group, we used different sources in order to reach them. One of many sources we used was media, especially women magazines and internet sites. We had 19 different written, radio and TV media in Croatia covering the event. We had live guest appearances on national TV station (HTV1, Dobro Jutro Hrvatska show) and local TV station (Svakodnevno, Z1 TV).

  To promote the event, we used interesting offline marketing activities such as guerilla events. First event was held in one of the oldest retirement homes in Zagreb  (Doma za starije Maksimir) and the second one was held at main park in Zagreb (Zrinjevac). Video play

Another method we used was tram advertising within the city of Zagreb in more than 400 trams, especially in trams passing by dorms and universities.

naslov3   In events such as this, celebrities can help engage more participants. Famous Croatian athletes supported Move Week, especially its objectives of promoting regular pyshical activity and they also attended the main event on the 19th of september.
“Fun and interesting event which brought a lot of positive changes to our lives. Great project concept which was very well organized. We were happy to be a part of this event because it motivated us to become physically active on an everyday basis.” Zvjezdana i Tomislav Baric


“We are very glad to be a part of this project and we would be more than happy to continue this cooperation next year. The project brought positive results to our club, which proved that it was a high quality event where lots of effort was put into promotion. Thank you! Matija Brlek

Kuk Sul Do instructor

“I registered my whole family for the workshops because I wanted my 8 year old son to learn and try out different sports. We are very satisfied with the project, instructors and most of all the organisation and hope that this event will continue next year too.” Natalija Jozić


“I was fascinated with the great time oragnisation of the workshops. At the end of the day I was very happy, satisfied and thankful. Thanks to the organisation committee for organising this great event.”  Sanja Zivic


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