Overtime Sport Marketing is an agency which promotes various sports activities and creates new contents based on digital marketing, where design has one of the most important roles.

In order to create great design, it is vital to have a clear vision of what you want to represent. In this specific case, we try to represent our work and professionalism that we want to offer to you. It is our goal, among many others, to create a unique visual identity, that would be recognizable, distinct and adaptable to everyone.

The opportunities to make a unique design are countless. However, there is the right amount of possibilities and a right choice, which will carry out each and every idea into practice in the best possible way. Therefore, you can see shades of yellow, white and black in our brand, which represent innovation, our work and dedication to it. Since black and white are two monotone colors, we chose yellow to accompany them, as it is the brightest and most energetic color that symbolizes success. That is all, of course, related to persistence in sports, which is one of the cornerstones of our business. We try to visualize our ideas, which is why our logo is a dart, which makes a full circle and continues its trajectory over time. The logo reflects our work and devotion to everything we do for you.

The world of design is an exciting place, especially when it comes to sports, where new things happen each and every minute. Here in Overtime, we are familiar with the latest trends, which we actively monitor and complement them with our own originality, which puts us ahead and differentiates us from other agencies. For each start in any sport, or any work at all for that matter, it is important to have a vision of what you want and a clear picture of you achieving your goal. That is the key for certain success, apart from believing in your personal abilities.


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