There are a lot of great campaigns out there right now, especially because many European football teams prepared special kit revealing campaings. However, one campaign that caught our attention is coming from South America. In the midst of Copa America, Argentina’s Sergio Aguero took part in an amazing Gillette commercial.  In this campaign, fans were asked to tweet using hashtag #CommunityPlayer

Aguero had to respond to every tweet by kicking the ball into a giant keyboard inside a goal. Amazing!   

Who are the lucky three?

Andres Manuka (@manuka1988), Betyta Bousquet (@betytabousquet) and Diego Lamas (@diegohlamas) are fans whose tweets were picked for the challenge. They were delighted and of course, surprised they were the ones picked. We reached them to hear their reaction to the campaign.




Thank you for your answers, guys. Much appreciated!


PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot



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