Overtime team was invited to give a presentation about digital marketing in sports at Aspira College. Aspira is a private Sport and Tourism Management college situated in Split, Croatia, and is one of few schools that boast such recognizable Sports Business names as their guest lecturers – Dr. John Beech and Prof. Dr. Simon Chadwick


Since Aspira students lack sports marketing and digital marketing lectures, and this is something of their interest in the future, we were more then happy to accept their invitation to share our knowledge in this area. More then 50 (which is a great number for Split) Aspira students and sports clubs’ representatives showed up to learn something new, something they can add to their theoretical knowledge. 


Bruno, Marijan, Vedran and their guest speaker Bernard Jurišić (only sports writer in SEE region with a verified Facebook page) held a 90-minute long interactive presentation with many real world examples. We wanted to give the students and sports professionals in attendance as many examples as possible, because the general feeling is that many (not all!) clubs in our region are still very afraid of social media in general. And this has to change. This is something they were starting to realize as the presentation was coming to an end, because they had many interesting questions afterwards. 

it's possible

Feedback we received shows us how important these educations are in our region. We need to let sports professionals and sports marketing/management students know that this is the future. Our #ItsPossible journey continues. Next stop – Osijek, Croatia on Wednesday, April 6. If you’re in the area, stop by…


PRESENTATION VIDEO (in Croatian language, sorry English-speaking folks)

Since there was a lot of interest for our presentation in the region, we used Facebook Live video for the first time to give everyone access, and it was a very succesful ‘operation’. Enjoy!

Aspira Split Digitalni marketing u sportu

Geplaatst door Overtime op Woensdag 30 maart 2016



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