Drazen Petrovic, one of the greatest European basketball players, would celebrated his 50th birthday on 22nd October 2014. While he is still well known among “ordinary people”…

While he is still well known among “ordinary people”, Drazen’s legacy is not used well for promotion of basketball, individual matches or big events (i.e. EuroBasket 2015, group matches to be held in Zagreb, Croatia).

Activities related to Drazen are encouraged mostly by his mother Biserka or brother Aco, who is still very active in Croatian basketball “social life”. That is sad, because potential is huge.

Best proof is a comic book “The Boy”, presented in Memorial center Drazen Petrovic (in Zagreb, Croatia), made by comic illustrator Frano Petrusa.

– We were delighted to hear about this idea and even more when we saw storybook and the final edition. There is an interest in France to translate this comic book about Drazen – said Drazen’s mom Biserka Petrovic.

You can read more about the comic book HERE (article in Croatian, by news portal Sibenik.in).

We hope there will be interest for activities of basketball promotion by implementing Drazen’s legacy that is recognised more in US (NBA world) than in his homeland.

Happy birthday Petro!

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