Football clubs’ mascots – the rising stars of the Internet

Standard ”members” of many football clubs are mascots.  Those funny furry creatures often make for a better match day and spice up the entire atmosphere. But since we live in digital era, their presence on the field during matches is no longer enough. Internet is now also a place where mascots can show how cool they are and interact with fans. Some of them ”use” their club’s accounts, some of them has their own, but one thing is for sure – mascots definitely deserve their own ”corner” on the Internet because their adventures can bring many good things.

Let’s see how some clubs are getting it done!


Berni the bear is Bayern Munich’s man with envious number of fans and followers on social media – more than 518k fans on Facebook, 379k followers on Instagram and 6,7k followers on Twitter. All of that is well deserved, because he shares a lot of interesting posts and content. Berni celebrates his team’s goals is very cool way, he never forgets players’ birthdays and even posts during the international break.

Jaaaaa, Douglas nimmt Fahrt auf! 2-0!

Geplaatst door Berni op Zaterdag 22 oktober 2016

Happy birthday to youuu… 🎶 Unser Kapitän feiert heute seinen 33. Geburtstag! Ich wünsche dir einen bärenstarken Tag, Philipp! 🎉🎁

Geplaatst door Berni op Vrijdag 11 november 2016

⚽ Ich wünsche meinen Jungs heute ganz viel Erfolg bei ihrem Spiel mit dem DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) gegen San Marino. 💪 Wie ist euer Tipp für das Spiel? 👍

Geplaatst door Berni op Vrijdag 11 november 2016

He always posts on special occasions, such as the Hug a bear day, and he makes friends with other teams’ mascots, as well as sponsors.

And as it should be, he is the main star of Bayern’s kids club and probably the most responsible for turning the “smallest” fans into “big” fans.

Seit Sommer habe ich mein eigenes Berni-Haus in der FC Bayern Erlebniswelt in der Allianz Arena. Am 12. November findet…

Geplaatst door Berni op Donderdag 3 november 2016


Liverpool’s biggest fan Mighty red also has excellent social media skills, which allowed him to have more than 32k fans on Facebook and over 9k followers on Instagram.

Mighty red invites Liverpool’s fans to share love in own their way, and motivates young fans to be creative and to show them their amazing football skills.

Miserable weather today. Time to do some Mighty activity sheets. You can to! Send in your completed activities! #wednesdaywisdom

Geplaatst door Mighty Red op Donderdag 10 november 2016

He likes to bring a smile to fans’ faces with cool jokes and motivational posts. Besides being a die hard Reds fan, he enjoys supporting other athletes. 

#MightyJoke! How do you light up a stadium? **With a football MATCH**😂⚽️🔴🔥 Have you got that #FridayFeeling

Geplaatst door Mighty Red op Vrijdag 23 september 2016

Monday Motivation! Not a bad way to start the week,whos still smiling?

Geplaatst door Mighty Red op Maandag 7 november 2016

Only 3 more days until the #Paralympics start! I can't wait to watch team GB. What country will you be cheering on? #MightyAroundTheWorld

Geplaatst door Mighty Red op Zondag 4 september 2016

Agile bird’s ”diary” is another interesting thing to see.


I’m sure that with a little help from this cool bird, Liverpool will have no problem in “recruiting” new young fans and will never walk alone.


Although he doesn’t have his own accounts, zebra Jay is someone who makes Juventus’ social media even more interesting to follow. He was a star from the moment he was born and shown to the world.

His club didn’t miss a chance to wish him a very happy birthday with an amazing video that shows how much fun and memories they share together.

Jay often travels around the world and ”takes us” to interesting places while promoting the J Academy. When at home in Turin, he likes to host other mascots such as his good friend Berni.

Except for an amazing home, Jay has an impressive section on Juventus FC official website which is packed with goodies and souvenirs for young fans.

j1 j2

I sincelery hope that this young guy will soon get his own social media accounts, because he definitely deserves them.


If you have mascot that hangs out with your fans in the stands, it’s good. But if you have a mascot that is a part of club’s everyday life, that’s even better. Internet is an excellent place to create or strenghten the connection between your fans and your mascot. Simultaneously, you will definitely spark up a relationship betwwen your club and your fans. That’s a good deal, right?

There are countless ways in which you can use you mascot. Let him prepare pranks for players, share donuts on the streets of your city on World donut day or teach him some ridiculous ”happy dance”.  Share it on your social media accounts and let your fans do the rest.

Simple ideas often bring the best results.



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