The Oasis brand, with help from its consulting agency (Marcel Agency communication), has activated its partnerships with Team France just before the start of the Men’s Handball World Championship in Qatar 2015 (15 January – 1 February).

As part of the activation of its partnership with the FFHB, brand Oasis, very active in social media, unveiled the list of selected experts for the World Championship with a little fruity touch. They introduced Jusmoulin, Abricomeyer, Accambaie, Karabafruic, etc.


Contract between the FFHB and Oasis comes to an end, and the World Championship in Qatar is the last competition where you will be able to find the very fruity humor of this brand.

This was a great move from Oasis, as they triggered an avalanche of comments by fans on Social media.

Overtime team also works on Men’s Handball World Championship with RTL television. We will prepare an interesting Case study for you about this project.

Oasis is the second biggest brand on the soda market right behind Coca-Cola. It is known for it’s shifted, but humorous and always trendy digital communication. The French non-carbonated soda now has more than 3 million fans on its Facebook page and more than 100,000 Twitter followers. With their concept and the “BeFruit” motto, Oasis has succeeded in generating massive interaction with the community.


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