While the worldwide sports industry is worth more than 1,5 trillion dollars (estimated by Plunkett Research in 2014), the need for innovative marketing and creative activities is constantly rising. Those were our main reasons for founding Overtime, a company focused towards sports marketing.

Both of us have experience not only in sports, but also in merging sports and the business world. Other than that, we also have a certain background in marketing so Overtime came together as a result of numerous conversations and mutual views on the sports industry.

Categorizing Overtime as a marketing agency would be a great omission. We are so much more. Seeing that promotion is nowadays not bound to only a certain channel of communication, it goes on 24/7. That is carried out through social networks, every possible contact with fans and potential sponsors or the athlete’s appearance on Dancing with the stars.

We wish not to restrict ourselves with ways and channels. We wish to help clubs, unions, individual players and tournaments to boost their levels of organization, promotion and relationship with the sponsors and fans. It is completely irrelevant if that will be actualized through an innovative mobile application, a tournament among younger categories, PR activities or opening a whole new market.

What matters are ideas, organization, implementation and most importantly – emotion. Emotion is what always matters the most in order to achieve additional value for the club/athlete, fans and sponsors.

In the last couple of years, sports has also been receiving less and less funds not only from the national budget, but also from the local communities. Entering the EU opened up the potential for all sports organisations to receive funding from the EU funds, even more so since sports has been emphasised in the Erasmus+ programme this year. Both amateurs and professionals can contact us so we can develop projects, find european partners and help them get the essential funding.


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