To take a new step in FC Groningen

We reviewed your digital operations, and evaluated everything from content to social media and commercial integration.

We looked at your promo activities and were free to sum up what we think could be improved through collaboration between Groningen and Overtime.

By doing this, we want to show our belief in individual approach and custom made stories. Let us know what you think about our approach and proposal by sending an e-mail to Marijan (

How Overtime sees FC Groningen

1. Visual identity

Club doesn’t have a unique visual identity and branding for digital platforms, and this is crucial for raising brand awareness and creating a digital strategy. Visual identity can provide a better interaction on social media, better recognition throughout Netherlands, as well as rest of the world, and growth of your online fan base.

2. Social media

We noticed a lack of interaction (Comments, Likes, Shares) on social media.From our experience one of the key factors behind lower engagement could be the style of communication. We suggest more posts which will engage fans to interact with the club. Right now, there are some examples of announcement of live game coverage, but without a link to go to, or posts with a lot of text, but without photos, etc.

3. Content

During the content analysis we saw the lack of content that could connect FC Groningen with its fans and bring them closer to the club. We noticed that you sometimes publish only one article during the day on your official website, and this lack of content on your official website could result in a lower interaction on your official social media accounts.

Our suggestions


Content creation

We would like to arrange a workshop with your content team, in which we will show them many examples from succesful projects we work(ed) on. We will show real examples from your content and present to your content team how we think they could be improved.  


Visual identity

Clubs nowadays need to think like brands. Because of that, you need to create a unique visual identity that will be recognized throughout your country, as well as beyond. We can help your designers from the content view, and work as conslutants to increase the quality of your design. 

Fan interaction

With more interaction, content will be seen by more fans and media and that is what you want in the end. Here are our case studies that will show you everything we mentioned above: RTL Television Quatar World Cup and Basketball Club Cedevita


Other things

These were three key points in our analysis, but complete analysis showed other things that we can improve. If you are interested, we can talk about how Overtime can help FC Groningen reach the next level. For more information, or to setup a call, please contact Marijan at

Questions you are asking yourself

Who is on your team?

We are a mix of former professional athletes and marketing and communication professionals. Check out our team in detail in the About us section!

How much do you charge?

We can help you in a number of ways. Because of that it is literally impossible to say “This is our price”. We have an individual approach to each client, as you can see in this presentation. Our price ranges from 2.000 – 4.000 EUR per month, it depends on what are we doing.

Which countries are you active in?

Our headquarters are in Croatia (Zagreb) but we have clients and partners all over South East Europe (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania) and beyond (Spain, Austria, Hungary, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland). We are small and mobile team and we can work everywhere, even Netherlands.

Are you a marketing agency?

Overtime is much more than a marketing agency. We are strategists, content creators, fundraisers, project managers and problem solvers. We are your team.

Do you like our suggestions? Let’s make it possible:

People sometimes tell us It’s impossible, but we show them OUR ROAD TO SUCCESS that says IT’S POSSIBLE!

Others about Overtime

“Overtime team provided great solutions & proposals and helped us with various tasks and challenges. We are happy we had such a reliable partner in Overtime!“

Arsen Solic, Camp Director

Damjan Rudez Basketball Camp

“Overtime team showed great creativity & organisational skills in a very short period of time. We are very confident in recommending Overtime as a professional team.”

Ivan Lovrecek, Deputy CEO

RTL Television Croatia (Handball)

“Overtime team has shown high levels of professionalism & creativity in content creation. We are delighted with the work Overtime is doing for us.”

Hrvoje Lindi, General Secretary

Croatian Judo Association

“Overtime team was a great partner in the field of digital communication and public relations. The results of this partnership could be seen on several levels.”

Vladimir Mađarević, Sport Director of Competition

Grand prix Osijek Žito Challenge Cup

“Overtime team is very creative & flexible, while thinking out of the box. We enjoyed working with them as they were relaxed & friendly, yet very professional.”

Natalija Mitric, Executive Director (Key Move Agent)

“I’m very satisfied with Overtime’s work on the new website of my book. It’s a mix of modern & traditional. It brings a breath of fresh air in the promotion of my book.”

Abas Arslanagic, Handball Legend (Goalkeeper & Coach)

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