Hot logo story during cold winter days

What can prefectly heat you up during therse cold winter days? Definitely discussion about a ”hot” football topic! In this case, football players didn’t even have to sweat to make everyone talk. One J ”got the job done”, started an avalanche of reactions and made everyone think about the modern ways of football. Of course, I’m talking about Juventus and their new logo. You can like it or you can make fun of it, but you must admit that setting the internet on fire is a clear sign that some good job was done here. Social networks are the place where Juventus really passed with flying colors.  Let’s see what made their logo presentation so interesting.


It may seem simple, but using one of the most interesting Facebook’s features was a very clever move. Letting fans know that something interesting will happen and giving them a chance to be there virtually during this historic moment for a club made them feel like an important part of it. Using technology to make your fans feel as close as they can be to you is definitely the right thing to do always and everywhere.

Black and White and More

Black and White and More #2beJUVENTUS

Geplaatst door Juventus op Maandag 16 januari 2017



Did you notice that good things can be made better if you are creative enough to play with them? Playing with words and turning something that is familiar into something even more familiar is probably half the success. Awaking emotion and sending a strong message is the other half. In this example, colors of the club were used to describe life and the ups and downs that come with it. Sentences such as: ,,And if we fall, so be it. The next victory is never far away” are lessons everyone can learn from. And if you think deeper about this, you’ll see that this perfectly describes this ”logo mania”.  So, if you are speaking to fans, make sure they understand you and try to send your message in a best possible way.

Life is a matter of black and white. #2beJUVENTUS

Geplaatst door Juventus op Maandag 16 januari 2017


When it comes to important changes in life, it always takes time to accept them. The best way to accept them is to familiarize with them. Putting something new into something ”old” was the first step.

A glimpse into our future. #2beJUVENTUS

Geplaatst door Juventus op Dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Also, giving fans a chance to ”play with the new toy ” by writing their name in a new way or by putting a logo on a profile photo were nice ways to get the fans invloved in the “transition process”. Giving your fans ways to create a connection makes the entire process much easier.

Join us on our journey into the future and personalise your profile picture with the Black and White and More Facebook Frame!Here's one Pipita made earlier 😉

Geplaatst door Juventus op Vrijdag 20 januari 2017

The future is now.Make your mark on our new logo: #2beJUVENTUS ⚪️⚫️

Geplaatst door Juventus op Zaterdag 21 januari 2017

I was happy to see that great effort was put into explaining the new logo and its meaning. This was a good way to make fans feel better about it and to accept it. It was a great way to make the fans feel important. 

A flyer was left on every seat at Juventus Stadium on Sunday with the following open letter to supporters on the back:…

Geplaatst door Juventus op Dinsdag 24 januari 2017


A radical change such as this one always results in some kind of resistance. No matter how good something new is, there will always be those who don’t want to accept the change. Logos are a vital part of every club, so I can understand what Juventus fans are going through and why some of them dislike it. But sometimes hard moments lead to wonderful new things. I believe that it won’t take long for Juventus fans to accept the logo. Even more, I believe that soon they’ll be proud about the fact their club did something so brave and revolutionary. As their kit sponsor Adidas says, “first never follows”. It’s up to Juventus to find creative ways to make fans closer to the new logo, and I believe that they’ll be very successful because they are already on a good path. Mission called “make everyone talk about it” was already successfully acomplished.

But the most interesting thing about this case for me is the fact that some of the most interesting football battles are no long played on a field. Do you agree with me?


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