Last minute ideas for an unforgettable Valentine’s day

A long time ago, Beatles sang ,,all you need is love, love is all you need”. Yes, love is great and it gets even better if you celebrate it in a right way. And there isn’t a better day for celebrating love than Valentine’s day. Here are 7 ideas that can help you engage your fans prior to and on that special day.


You have a lot of foreign players on your team? Great!  Use them to ”teach” fans to express love in their native languages. Whether you make a graphic or a video, it will be interesting to see.  You can also ask your fans to tell you how they say the word “love” in their language. I’m sure that this will work in a very engaging way.


Remember (probably) the best Valentine’s day campaign related to sport?

No matter how ”tough” we act, a good love song will always melt out heart. So, giving your players a chance to show they vocal skills by singing their favorite song seems like a right thing to do. Probably the best thing about doing something like this is that the worse they sing – more hilarious the video will be.


Money can’t buy you love, but it’s always good if you can save some. Special Valentine’s day discounts might encourage your fans to buy a gift for their better halves through your online store. Think of a cool discount code and share it on your social media accounts. 


Want to see the creative side of you fans? Give them a chance to put together #ValentinesDayXI (or whatever number is appropriate for your sport). Fun and lot of interaction are guaranteed with this kind of fan engagement.   


Perfect Valentine’s day card is not always easy to find, so try to create one for you fans. Printable or shareable, with simple design and lovely message, will be just enough to help your fans surprise their loved ones. For some of them it can be a beginning of a beautiful love story and others will be thankful to you for making this choice easier for them.


Internet is not the only place where you can celebrate this special day. City streets or your stadium or arena are great for this, too. Also, your club’s mascot can be very helpful in sharing love. ”Hire” it to share some heart shaped baloons or lolipops to your fans. I’m sure that fans will adore this kind of activity and gladly share this experience on their socials, so encourage them to share it and use the hashtag #YOURCLUBValentines or #YOURCLUBVday. A “Love bench” or anything similar that will look good on photos is also good idea for fan engagement.


This day can be the perfect chance to reward fans who are both in love with your club and each other. Ask couples to share their love stories and photos in which they show how much they love your club, and reward the best of them with a perfect date. It can include VIP tickets for you next big match, meeting their favorite players or jerseys with their names. Whatever it is, I’m sure that this will become one of their favorite memories.


You know what comes the day after Valentine’s day?  Singles Awareness Day! Not many celebrate it, so it’s you chance to stand out from a crowd and be original and cool. Merchandise discount or ”Your clubs loves you” graphic is the least you can do on this day.


No matter how you privately feel about this day, you must admit that it is a great fan engagement opportunity. So, get to brainstorming, put a little effort and jump onto the ”love train”. I’m sure you and your fans will enjoy the ride.


Brankica Mandić

Brankica Mandić

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