Camera on a basketball jersey? Or mounted on a hockey player’s helmet? And in a professional league? I want to watch that footage! And now we will all be able to because NHL and Euroleague basketball signed contracts with action camera developers GoPro and First V1sion. This will definitely bring these respective sports closer to their fans, and show them a view of the game they have never seen before.

NHL introduces modern sports experience

Those same cameras you could see mounted on top of helmets of mountain bikers, surfers, or skydivers will now be mounted on top of NHL playershelmets. NHL and NHLPA signed a contract with GoPro, an HD extreme action camera developer. Hockey fans should be thrilled as they will finally get to see a player‘s POV.

“The use of GoPro cameras will give fans a new perspective of the extraordinary speed and skill of today‘s NHL players,”
 – – Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director

 – Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director

GoPro cameras were tested by some of NHL’s finest – Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, PK Subban, Jonathan Toews, TJ Oshie, Henrik Lundqvist and others.

Mounting a camera onto a helmet will be optional, but we are confident many hockey players will put them on to showcase their skating, stick handling and goal scoring skills.

Go Pro was used during the NHL 2015 All-Star Weekend, and the footage is stunning

Cable provider that introduces this feature to their game broadcast should think about other perks as well. They should allow for TV viewers to have the option of watching the whole game from a player’s POV. Or even better, let the viewer switch between players during the game. Something like ‘Choose your view’ feature Youtube launched last week. It’s a new concept, and an innovative one. If they used a few TV cameras along with a couple of player cams viewers could choose from, it would be an amazing feature that would certainly bring more fans in front of their TV screens during NHL games. On the other hand, we might see less people in the stands due to this awesome feature.

Euroleague first to use jersey cams in an official game

Euroleague made a breakthrough by introducing action cameras to basketball. They will use First V1sion jersey cams, and only on the referee‘s jerseys at first. This is a whole new approach to basketball broadcasting that will put fans in the heart of the action.



“Euroleague Basketball’s continuing objective in embracing avant-garde technology is to give fans every possible means to enjoy our sport,”
 – – Jordi Bertomeu, President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball

Jordi Bertomeu, President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball

I  love the outcome, and I am sure you will too after you watch this video. You get the feeling you are standing courtside, and that is what these cams are all about.

It will be interesting to see how the transition to players will be made, because basketball is a contact sport, and the mini camera will be placed on their chest. Jerseys are obviously not fixed so videos might be hard to watch without motion sickness pills.

However, FC Barcelona center Maciej Lampe thinks fans will love this.

“It´s not heavy, it didn´t complicate anything. It´s like wearing a tight undershirt. It will give the fans the chance to watch the fouls and action from a different angle. I have never seen anyone playing with a camera on his chest: it is definitively interesting.”
 – – Maciej Lampe, FC Barcelona center

 – Maciej Lampe, FC Barcelona center

It will give fans a different view because they will see footage TV cameras cannot catch! But some players might be hesitant when it comes to wearing these. All the cheap shots will now be easier to spot, and maybe even punished for afterwards. TV viewers will now be able to see how the referees call a game, and how tough their job really is.

First V1sion tested their mini cams during FC Barcelona practice, and the players loved it.

I think action cams are a great idea, especially when you have a place for them on athletes or their equipment where they will remain intact and won’t create a distraction for players. I am looking forward to developers signing contracts with more professional leagues, as this is a unique way for fans to see the game from the inside.

How do you think action cameras will impact sports? Are they the future of sports marketing? How can sponsors use action cams? We would like to hear your opinion in comments/on Twitter!

SOURCE: NHL, Euroleague

PHOTO: Youtube screenshot

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