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November 28

Croatian Olympic Committee – Council for New Media

Overtime's co-founder & CEO, Bruno Blumenschein, became a member of Council for New Media, a body which advises the Croatian Olympic Committee regarding new media, digital, etc. "I am honoured and excited to be a part of this new Council for New Media. I also hope that this excitement will last and turn into actions & steps in right direction for Croatian sport and athletes", said Bruno. You can read more about this (unfortunately, only in Croatian) HERE.
November 17

SPORTO conference

We attended another edition of SPORTO conference, the biggest sports marketing and sponsorship conference in South East Europe. Some of the conference speakers were Jeremy Edwards (Activative), Matt Rogan (Two Circles), James Kennedy and Stuart Ramsey (Southampton FC), Toby Hester (Sponsorship Coach), Tanya Joseph (Sport England), Matthew Leopold (British Gas), and many more. Very interesting and insightful event. These are our 7 takeaways from SPORTO conference.
October 30

Final day of Football Fest 2016

The doors are closing on this year's edition of Football Fest. Proud of our team, proud of what has been done, and proud of what we have learned for the future! Looking forward to planning Football Fest 2017. READ THE CASE STUDY
October 27

Opening of Football Fest 2016

Football Fest conference, expo and fun zone are finally, after months of hard work, open for visitors! Overtime team went from being in charge of marketing and promotion, to helping with organisation, conference and sponsorships, only to make this a memorable event. Football Fest official website and Facebook page.
September 21

Football Fest Brunch – Ljubljana

With the help of our ambassador and a coaching legend Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, the 3rd Football Brunch took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ćiro is quite the media magnet, so we can say that he helped take Football Fest promotion to a whole new level. Football Fest website
September 19

Football Fest Brunch – Split

The 2nd Football Fest Brunch was held in Split. Along with hosts and project partners Alan Balen of AB Spor, and our own Bruno Blumenschein, it was a privilege to introduce the new project ambassador and a former member of the Croatian national team, Aljoša Asanović.  Very succesful presentation of Football Fest was covered by media representatives from the entire region. Football Fest website
September 13

Basketball Club Cedevita Zagreb Rebranding

BC Cedevita Zagreb decided to turn a new leaf in their history book and change their colors to orange - their main sponsor's color. Overtime team helped with organization of the rebranding event and social media consulting before and during the event. 
August 30

Futsal Week 2016

Overtime was a part of Futsal Week project that took place in Zadar (Croatia), and it hosted (among others) 4 national teams (Hungary, Finland, Turkey and Kosovo), futsal club Kemi (Finland) and Futsal Dinamo (Croatia). Along with the organization of this competition, Overtime also created the advertising strategy and PR of the entire tournament. Futsal Week website  
August 29

Premiere of the documentary “Beyond Medals”

Overtime team, in collaboration with the most awarded Croatian athlete and paralympian Mihovil Španja, organized the premiere of his documentary film "Beyond Medals". 
July 18

Futsal Club Dinamo

We reached an agreement with one of the most popular futsal clubs in Croatia - Futsal Dinamo. Our goal is to set a marketing strategy for Futsal Dinamo, improve their communication on social networks, increase the number of club members, and last, but not least, sell-out "Šalata", an event that kicks off every Futsal Dinamo season, in an outdoor location (Šalata) with a capacity of 4,000 seats.
June 30

Geneva Basketball Academy

On site with all the coaches of the Geneva Basketball Academy posing for a photo. Academy website
June 14

COTRUGLI Business School presentation

Bruno and Marijan shared their experience in digital marketing in sports with the Cotrugli audience. The topic was the future of social media and communication with emphasis on younger generations and why they are shifting their attention away from Facebook and Instagram toward new, ad-free platforms like Snapchat. 
June 10

Edward Bernays College workshop

We had another great #ItsPossible "digital marketing in sport" workshop - this time at Bernays College in Zagreb, Croatia. 
June 9

Football Fest Brunch – Zagreb

In collaboration with our partners AB Sport, we organized a Football Fest Brunch in Zagreb. Many famous Croatian football players and coaches such as Dario Šimić, Ćiro Blažević, Branko Mikša and others attended this event, and shared their experience in how to survive in the business world after hanging up their boots. Football Fest website
June 1


Overtime team has developed a digital marketing strategy for a sporting goods store “” and their webshop. We are currently working as their marketing consultants. 
May 30

Futsal Week – Olé Futsal Academy

During our first big event, 100 youth players from Olé Futsal Academy (England) came to Zadar, where our futsal camp was held.
May 1

Experta Business Academy

We signed a contract with Experta Business Academy to be their guest lecturers in the field of sports marketing. Experta website
April 29

Grand Prix Osijek 2016 Žito Challenge cup

For the second year in a row, Overtime handled all marketing activities for gymnastics Grand Prix in Osijek. This year we increased the number of fan engagement events in and around the venue. For the first time in history of gymnastics, we had a live draw of starting order and two announcers which were in charge of keeping the crowd informed and entertained throughout the competition. READ THE CASE STUDY
April 29

Navijačnica (‘Fan Zone’)

Navijačnica is a project we worked on in collaboration with EPH, one of the biggest media groups in Croatia, before and during the UEFA Euro in France. The main goal of this project was to create a place for Croatia national team fans to visit on a daily basis, and to engage those same fans to send us videos and photos of them watching the games, cheering and celebrating in France, as well as all over Croatia. READ THE CASE STUDY
April 14

Cooperation with Edward Bernays College

We signed a contract with Edward Bernays, first College of Communication Management in Croatia. Bernays’ students will gain valuable experience as interns at Overtime, the only company in Croatia specialized in the field of digital marketing in sports. On the other hand, Bernays will promote Overtime and host our marketers as guest speakers at their College. Edward Bernays website
April 6

Sports marketing workshop, Osijek, Croatia

Faculty of Economics in Osijek organized a ‘Market and New Generations – market&NG’’ conference and invited us to have a sports marketing workshop.  
April 3

Football Fest

In cooperation with AB Sport, Overtime is working on Football Fest project. Football Fest is a specialized exhibition dedicated to football. Our desire is to attract fans of the most important secondary thing in the world in South-Eastern Europe (and beyond) to exchange experience, knowledge and contacts while presenting their products, services and projects. Because of that, we have ensured an exhibition in the area of the Zagreb Fair. Football Fest website
April 2

European Judo Cup, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our team led the entire digital communication, media relations and promotion of the 2016 European Judo Cup held in Dubrovnik. The main goal was to build a great atmosphere before and during the competition. Online visual communication was key in this project, and we managed to attract a lot of attention with our graphics.
March 30

Aspira College presentation

Overtime team was invited to give a presentation about digital marketing in sports at Aspira College. Aspira is a private Sport and Tourism Management college situated in Split, Croatia, and is one of few schools that boast such recognizable Sports Business names as their guest lecturers – Dr. John Beech and Prof. Dr. Simon Chadwick.
February 25

Sport Conference Belgrade, Serbia

Overtime team held a presentation at the Sport Conference Belgrade (in collaboration with Euroleague Basketball) in February. Bruno and Marijan presented our way of thinking, and tried to motivate people to think outside the box and push for a positive change and think of creative ideas for the sports industry in this region.  They presented some of our work through case studies with cool and creative examples, which sparked lenghty, but very interesting discussions. Read the article
February 19

Sports Business Institute Barcelona webinar

When our Snapchat in Sport eBook became available to buy, it attracted a lot of attention. So, our colleague Vedran Vukušić was invited to be a guest speaker at a webinar hosted by SBI Barcelona. Vedran gave concrete pointers and answered many questions about the use of Snapchat in sport. Watch the webinar
January 25

“Snapchat in Sport” eBook launch

We wrote the first eBook about the use of Snapchat in sports. Our  eBook is intended for federations, clubs, athletes and sport event organizers who want to try out the fastest growing social application in the world. The book is a Snapchat guide with 100+ examples that can be implemented immediately. The book and its authors are not in any way affiliated with, sponosored or endorsed by Snapchat, Inc. BUY THE EBOOK
December 17

Sanja Jovanović

Overtime created Sanja's visual identity and maintained communication on her official Facebook page and Instagram account. We also served as her PR team. The cooperation between Overtime and Sanja ended in August 2016. 
December 12

BC Cedevita Zagreb advances to Euroleague Top 16

We managed to entertain fans in a well thought out Fan Zone and have a full gym during several games through effective marketing support for for BC Cedevita as they advanced to the Euroleague Top 16 phase for first time in club's history.  READ THE CASE STUDY
December 10

Geneva Basketball Academy

Following successful work for NBA player Damjan Rudež, regarding his basketball camp in Zagreb (Croatia), Overtime was chosen to develop visual identity, website, promo materials (flag, brochure, flyer) and visuals for Geneva Basketball Academy (July 2016). Academy website
November 19

SPORTO Media Award

We won the 2015 SPORTO Media Award for successully maintaining digital communication for RTL Television during Men’s Handball World Championship in Qatar. SPORTO Conference website
November 13

U23 European Judo Championships, Bratislava, Slovakia

We covered communication for Croatian Judo Federation during European U23 Championship in Slovakia. Real-time content was created for social media, press releases and official website along with interesting behind-the-scene content.
November 8

School Sports Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia

Our team was part of the 4th School Sports Symposium which was organized by Croatian School Sports Federation. In a two-day event visitors could learn a lot about the importance of physical activity during education of children. Some of the speakers were Marin Bašić and Joško Vlašić.
November 5

Study – Pedagogical Standards and Norms of Sports Coaches

Overtime was actively participating at the presentation of ‘’Pedagogical standards and norms of the trainers in the sport’’ – the study for whose needs 750 trainers were interviewed. The presentation, held in Zagreb, will be used for educational purposes.
October 17

European Judo Cup, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our team led the entire digital communication, media relations and promotion of the 2015 European Judo Cup held in Dubrovnik. The main goal was to build a great atmosphere before and during the competition. Online visual communication was key in this project, and we managed to attract a lot of attention with our graphics.
October 2

Bloodhound SSC

Overtime was part of media promotion of the event where Bloodhound SSC replica was presented in Slovenia. Bloodhound SSC is a British supersonic land vehicle currently in development. Its goal is to match or exceed 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 km/h) achieving a new world land speed record.
October 1

Futsal Week

International project in which Overtime is taking care of the marketing side of the story. The goal of this project is to organize training camps, tournaments and educations in Zadar, as well as anywhere else in the world. Futsal is one of world's fastest growing indoor sports.
October 1

Tomislav Zubčić

We are Tomislav's PR gurus, design ninjas and Facebook fan page masters. Facebook page The cooperation between Overtime and Tomislav ended in August 2016. 
October 1

Croatian Judo Federation

Several successful projects and great communication between Overtime team and Croatian Judo Federation led to an agreement that Overtime will be covering PR and marketing activities for the Federation on a monthly basis in 2016.
September 29

Move Week Croatia

The team was responsible for online and offline activities and media relations during Move Week 2015 in Croatia. Move Week is an annual European-wide event and integral part of the NowWeMove campaign. The objective is to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity throughout Europe. We had over 19 different offline and online media covering activities and number of people reached on Facebook was over  95,450. READ THE CASE STUDY
September 17

Grand Prix Osijek 2015 Žito Challenge cup

Entire marketing and public relations activities for Grand prix Osijek 2015 Žito Challenge cup were in our hands for five months. We maintained digital communication (Facebook, Instagram and website), public relations and media partnerships with leading Croatian media companies. Our team created textual/photo/video content during Grand Prix along with writing daily media reports and live reporting from the competition. READ THE CASE STUDY
September 1

Basketball Club Cedevita Zagreb

Our team is creating scenarios for many video materials for BC Cedevita, designing many visuals and infographics for BC Cedevita social media, managing the online promo campaign for BC Cedevita games which also include Instagram ads. During Euroleague and ABA league games, we organize prize contests for fans. We also worked as consultants to help the club brand the inside of their hall, as well as educated Cedevita players about social media and created emojis for each player and head coach. READ THE CASE STUDY
August 15

Futsal Zadar

We created a visual identity for one of the most popular futsal leagues in the country. We also worked as their digital and social consultants.
August 8

Sports marketing workshop, Zadar, Croatia

We organized a workshop for sports marketing & sports business professionals in the largest Sports Hall “Visnjik”. During a 3-hour workshop, Overtime team presented cases and examples from sports industry and digital communication. We led an interesting debate about athletes’ approach to social media, promotion & communication with fans/media. Positive feedback showed how important such activities are for sports industry development. 
July 4

Sports marketing workshop, Zagreb, Croatia

We organized a workshop for sports marketing & sports business professionals in Zagreb. During a 4-hour workshop, Overtime team presented cases and examples from sports industry and digital communication. Participants were split into teams and asked to make a presentation with their solutions to different situations in digital communication. Following the workshop, we created a Facebook group and continued to discuss various situations on daily basis.
June 23

Damjan Rudež NBA Basketball Camp

In the one of the biggest projects, Overtime team helped with the organisation of Damjan Rudež Basketball Camp, the first ever basketball camp organised by an NBA player in Croatia. Overtime team created the entire visual identity (as well as Damjan’s personal logo),  and was responsible for all media relations at Damjan’s camp. The camps was covered by all three national TV networks, as well as daily newspapers and numerous websites. 100+ participant spots were filled within 4 days thanks to an online application we set up. READ THE CASE STUDY
June 9

TOP 9 free resources for sports business pros

Overtime was included on the “TOP 9 free resources for sports business pros” list made by David Fowler, Head of Brand & Marketing Communication at FIFA. Read the article
May 1

Judo Grand Prix, Zagreb, Croatia

Our team managed digital communication, public relations and media partnerships with leading Croatian media companies for Grand Prix Zagreb 2015, one of the biggest judo events in the world. We created text/photo/video content during Grand Prix along with writing daily media reports and live reporting from matches. READ THE CASE STUDY
March 14

Abas Arslanagić book website

We created a brand new website for the book ‘’Handball Goalkeeper – The Key Performance Link’’, written by Abas Arslanagić, famous ex-goalkeeper, who lived and worked with goalkeepers in Qatar in the period 2009-2013. Book website
January 15

2015 Men’s Handball World Championship in Qatar

Overtime led digital communication activities (Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, Instagram profile, micro website) for RTL Television Croatia before and during the 2015 Men’s Handball World Championship. Published content reached more than 3 million Facebook users. RTL Television and Overtime won the SPORTO Media award for this project. READ THE CASE STUDY

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