What makes sport clubs so popular on social media besides their greatness in the game? We’ve looked up some of the most liked and most followed accounts on social media and found some great examples of fun content with great quality. Don’t forget to tell us what do you like to see on the profiles and pages of your favorite clubs and athletes!


We see a big step forward in Facebook content. It’s now much more important to bring players closer to the fans, it’s not just about the game and the scores. We’ve found a great example – a video that was part of Manchester United campaign ”Legends are back”.


The example of a great Facebook content also comes from Croatian Football Federation (HNS). Lately, they’ve been celebrating birthdays of football players in a special way.



Fun facts about previous matches? Or the ones about players? Instagram became the go-to place for that kind of content. But the thing that is most admirable is the speed of their graphic designers. On the Real Madrid Instagram account as soon as someone scores on the field, they score with the great visual on their Instagram page.

REAL MADRID 1-2 VALENCIA Goal of @official_pepe (56′) #RealMadridvsVAL #HalaMadrid #RMLive

A photo posted by Real Madrid C.F. (@realmadrid) on


If you look at Twitter profiles of famous clubs, they mostly link articles from their websites, post about current events and games, so it’s a refreshment when they step away from the game. Personally, one of the greatest tweets lately, was the one where Barcelona put all of the social media reactions regrading the qualification for the finals in one place. It’s all about bringing the emotions to social media. That’s the right way to connect with fans – emotions coming from players provoke reactions among the fans.


There are more and more teams and sports club joining Snapchat each day. You can find their usernames here.

Snapchat really became a great media outlet and it got into live sports broadcasting in March 2015. The clubs are embracing it more and more and we’ll definitely write more about it and keep our eyes on games broadcasted by Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat. In the meantime, we’ve found a great example of a club incorporating Snapchat in the game.

The Arizona Coyotes held the first ever Snapchat Night in professional sports in April, when the Coyotes hosted the San Jose Sharks.  Fans attending the game were invited to participate in the Coyotes Snapchat Night by using a custom-made Coyotes Snapchat geo-filter available only to those in Gila River Arena. The Coyotes were distributing the prizes to the fans who snapped their seat location throughout the game and the team held a Snapchat scavenger hunt during both intermissions and gave awards to participants. Read more about it here.


These are some of our picks of top quality content on social media. The fact that it keeps getting better and more engaging each day really excites us. It’s important to keep in mind that standing out on social media with great posts can make a huge difference.

Hardcore fans will stay loyal no matter what, but it’s easier to win new hearts if you don’t forget to bring emotions and your players to life, not just on the field, but on social media as well.


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