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If you are a ski fan, you probably enjoyed the two weeks of excitement (February 6-19) that only ski races can bring. But snow slopes weren’t the only place where you could be entertained. Competition’s official social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) were used brilliantly to bring the spirit of the event to every corner of the world. This way, skiing fans didn’t only enjoy the competition, but also the interesting ”behind the scene” content. Let’s take a look at some of them, which made the World Championship in St. Moritz more than ”just another sport event”.


Buliding a community long before the competition even started was a very good idea. This way, everyone could see that something big is going to happen and familiarize with it. Creating a connection is always the first step on a road to success.


The way that final countdown to the event was made was also cool. Using interesting facts to make things more exciting is always a good way to go. People may not always like numbers and statistics, but if you ”camouflage” them with a dose of creativity, they are more likely to enjoy the story you are telling them. .


Today’s sport events are not all about the sport. Modern fans are very picky and hard to satisfy, you need to give them something that will entertain them. There are many ideas you can use and many nice things to show, and if you do it properly fans will come back for more.


It was interesting to see the view from the fans’ side. Fan reporters almost made us feel like we are in St. Moritz. Taking fans on a virtual trip is the second best thing you can offer them (first one, of course, is the live experience).


Every day is a chance to try something new and interesting, so why not do something ”new and wild” every day.  Having people perform cool challenges and showing how fun they are was something very ”catchy” and for me one of the most interesting parts of the competition. When some new, unexpected and funny content is ”freshly served” to fans every day, it can only result in success.  Dare to do something new!

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Another “specialty” were quotes of the day. This was a good way for fans to ”get in touch” with some of the biggest stars of the sport and hear something motivating.


Valentine’s day is not just for those who are madly in love, it’s also perfect to show how creative you are. The hype that this day brings was used to create some unforgetable moments and memories. Sometimes it’s all about using great things that are already happening around us to our advantage.


It’s often said that it ‘s not about the destination – it’s about journey. So why not celebrate the moments that bring so much joy, moments such as milestones. Don’t forget to thank you fans for being here for you, they’ll be glad to know that they are part of something big.


When the ”party” is over, it’s always nice to remember the best moments. Putting the best moments in flashback posts was a great way to collect them in one place and give everyone a chance to relive them over and over. Remembering them often shows how big and great they were.


If you are organising a big sport event, it’s clear that everybody won’t be able to attend it. But, thanks to modern technology, Internet and social networks, you can easily ”come” to them, to their laptops, tablets and smartphones. So if you can do that, don’t stop on sport and results. Enrich the whole story with things that fans don’t expect, but they’ll definitely enjoy. Giving your event a ”soul” will make fans love them even more and remember it for a very long time. Moreover, once you do it right you’ll have the best possible ”wind in a back” for future events.

Start with it on a time, bring something new and unexpected, use everything that can make your story better and enjoy the results along with your fans.


Brankica Mandić

Brankica Mandić

Overtime Sports Marketing

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