It was great to see Under Armour present at such a huge event like Super Bowl 50, even though they aren’t the main sponsor of the NFL. They did some ‘ambush’ marketing with Snapchat, and for this occasion they used their biggest star, Stephen Curry!

Under Armour is the authorized supplier of Footwear and Gloves to the NFL, and Curry appeared at this year’s Super Bowl as the president of the Carolina Panthers fan club.


I was trying to see what Nike has done on Snapchat during Super Bowl 50, but their account (usnikefootball) didn’t have any Snaps from the game. Even though Nike is the NFL’s official uniform provider, and they probably had better access than Under Armour, they totally neglected the potential of Snapchat as a channel of communication.

Under Armour marketing team called this action ‘Under Armour at SB50 MVP Coverage’, and here are some Snaps from their Snapchat Story.

They brought in Stephen Curry, the best basketball player in the world right now, and had their social media team follow him around during the entire game. Under Armour proved once again that they are a modern company, one that understands the market, trends, and the millennials. 

Of course, they didn’t forget to present their own products during one of the Top sports events of the year. Below is one of the snaps before the Super Bowl 50; great example of ambush marketing, isn’t it?


They used one of the most popular athletes in the world (especially in the US), and they created an interesting story that many people followed. They made great content from practically nothing. They made him a part of the Super Bowl, all along while creating cand Under Armour social media team was also there. They created cool videos and ‘behind scenes’ snaps:


It was really cool to follow the whole event on Snapchat, there was two special stories, Super Bowl 50 and Super Bowl: Worldwide. As Sean Callanan from Sports Geek said, this is the best storytelling platform available right not, I could’t agree more!


You don’t need to be main sponsors to create the great hype and marketing, you just need to create great storytelling (Do you remember how Nike used to do it?). And they succeed in that, with combining all social media accounts and their star Basketball player they scored marketing ‘touchdown’ in the 50th Super Bowl.

There are some great examples from Super Bowl snapchat stories, if you didn’t see it. If you want learn more about it, you can read our book ‘Snapchat in Sport’ that will be available from February 10th.

What do you think about this type of content? Did Nike miss the big opportunity? Share your opinion in comments below.


PHOTO: Youtube Screenshot

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