Emotions are a tricky thing, and the most powerful weapon of sports clubs and athletes. Because of emotions, I boarded a plane from Zagreb to Valencia (it was my first flight, therefore I was a little bit scared). Why? Because I am a Valencianista my whole life, and the only thing that pulled me in to cheer for Valencia are emotions. 


This trip was a gift from Overtime team, and it was the best surprise in my life. I will write about the best things I saw, and the ideas that Valencia CF can improve on even more, sports marketing wise. 


Stats during the game on the big screens

Great example of additional content for fans at the stadium. Club installed big screens in the stands on which they put a lot of content before, during and after the game. Before the game, they showed motivational videos and support messages from fans posted on Twitter (if they used hashtag ). 

My humble piece of advice is that during next home game (vs Real Madrid), they should ask their fans to include their country’s flag in their support messages. In that way, they will show that Valencia has global support. I believe many fans in the attendance are not aware of that.  

Mestalla tour

I was really impressed with affability and knowledge of the Mestalla tour guide. It’s really great to see the stadium you dreamed about visiting and find out every little detail about it. We visited the dressing rooms, corridors through which players are going out on the pitch, all the club’s trophies… The tour was in Spanish and English, which is a plus considering Mestalla is a tourist attraction, and Valencia has fans all over the world.


Mestalla is a great example of how branding can freshen up the look of an old stadium. Because of the outside and inside branding, Mestalla looks great, even better then some new stadiums.


Outside of the stadium is decorated with large banners. On one of them you can see the fans holding up their scarves and cheering. The other one shows club legends with trophies and sponsors. The inside of the stadium is practically “painted” orange, and everything, inside and outside, is “stamped” with the inevitable VCF symbol, the bat. 

Players greetings 

It was a great experience to see thousands of Valencia CF fans waiting for players and cheering two hours before the match even started. It’s a tradition before Valencia CF big games, fans are always in front of the stadium and they are trying to motivate their favorite players and staff as they enter Mestalla.

Also, they are there to ‘scare’ the opponents as they come in the same way.

Stadium atmosphere

The atmosphere I’ve experienced at  Mestalla is simply amazing. Fans are cheering during the whole game, and I mean, all the fans, not just one section of the stadium. This is really a specific and unique atmosphere, and probably the reason why Valencia players gave more than 100% on the pitch, which was enough for a 1-1 draw against La Liga champions and Champions League winner, FC Barcelona.



Fans Meeting point 

This is something that doesn’t exist prior to Valencia CF games. It would be great to have these meeting points for fans that are coming from all over the world, especially for big games like this against Barcelona

There were many Valencia fans from all around the world, and they could use this to get to know each other. This connection could also be a great foundation for future friendships of fans who are not from Valencia, and who could help the growth of Valencia CF global fanbase. 

E-mail notifications

I received a ticket for the game in my e-mail, and that was all from the club. I didn’t received anything else. Even store advertisment on the ticket was in Spanish language. 

What I want to say is that they could send out a special e-mail for everyone who bought their ticket(s) online (they are probably coming from outside of Spain) and provide all the information about a trip to Valencia, how to get from the airport to Mestalla, etc. The e-mail could also contain information about Mestalla tour the day before a game, or even show what’s on sale in the fan shop… or show on a map where the store actually is. Because, you can’t see it from the stadium. 

These are some of the things that could improve fan experience on Mestalla and bring the club some additional income.

ValenciaCF International card

It would be neat if the club would offer an International card for all the fans who came to Mestalla from outside of Spain.The price could be symbolic, but I would be proud and I would show it to all my friends at home. 

This could also be a great CRM strategy for the club. They could see how many people, and from where, are coming to Valencia, and also, in which countries they have a large fanbase. 


It was great and unforgettable. This is something I will remember my whole life, every little detail from the moment my colleagues at Overtime surprised me  with game and flight tickets, my first flight, coming to Valencia and experiencing the great atmosphere at Mestalla. 

Valencia is a beautiful city, there are many sights to see, and people I ran into were very friendly. And very active. I’ve never seen so many people jogging through the city. If you haven’t already, put it on your “to visit” list. 

I would end this with how it all started, with emotions. From coming to Valencia until the game, and before the start of the match, I was heavily influenced by emotions. Indescribable feeling, especially the mooment players enter the field. It is something I was dreaming about since I was a kid. 

Emotions are the best way of communication between clubs, federations, athletes and fans. Valencia CF is excelling at this.

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