How many times did you try to start with daily workout routine? For me, personally, that was a big problem. I think that word “procrastination” comes from a person who tried to establish his/her workout routine. It is always “Tomorrow”. Or it was a rough night. Or you have an early meeting upcoming.

It seems there is no help from fitness clubs also. Main promo message I get from them is “You have to start now to look better in 6 months”. Fitness clubs/trainers are in great position to create useful content, build their credibility through it and promote themselves.


1. Create a short e-book “How to be fit again”

Fitness clubs/trainers have fierce competition. Everyone is saying pretty much the same things. Be different. By creating useful content for your potential clients (BTW. don’t call them clients, create a personal relationship. That is long term investment.) you are showing that you care. Such e-book will show your knowledge and it is an opportunity to offer them “Special bonus” if they share it on their social networks’ accounts. When you hear “e-book” you can imagine a real book containing 200 pages. No, do 10 pages with basic workout routine, nutrition advices including tips & tricks.


2. Publish an “ultimate playlist” for exercising

Music platform Spotify did a great promotion in January 2014. They have partnered up with sports scientists at Brunel University and did a research about best music to listen while working out. Scientists analysed BPM in songs and generated playlist that was shared all over the world. Of course, they have mentioned Spotify and its service.

“Combining an analysis of Spotify’s 6.7 million workout playlists with Dr Costas’ research, we’ve created The Ultimate Workout playlist to help give you the best motivatation possible to keep that New Year’s workout resolution”, they stated. More about Spotify’s ultimate playlist

You can create your own playlist and share it through your current “clients” and in social media. Try to think about all aspects of exercising, not only about the “core”.


3. Have creative promotion – cool business cards

This wasn’t developed by us but nevertheless it is great to share it. Cool business card can tell a story instead of you. It shows you are different.

Fitness Trainer Business Card


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Do you have more ideas? What did work for you (if you are a fitness club/trainer)? Let us know in comments


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