You will probably say, ‘another Valencia CF article on their blog. Yes, but they are on our blog not because I am big fan of the club (maybe a little), but because they are doing some impressive work! 

Why do I like their work? Take a look at my answers below , and please share your opinions about it in the comments section.


When other clubs present their Kits for the upcoming season, they usually do it during summer break or just before the new season is about to start. Valencia CF opted for a surprise this year. They showed their new Senyera Kit in the game against Real Madrid, the game that was watched all over the world!

They surprised their own fans, opponents and even their own players! Players knew about new Kits, but they didn’t know that they will play in them against Real Madrid. It’s a really interesting move from Valencia CF marketing and you can see the surprised look on their players’ faces in video below (‘behind the scene’  content is always the best choice).


The day before and the day of the game against Real Madrid, Valencia CF put some interesting photos on their Instagram, but they didn’t say anything about it. If you were one of the 93.3 K followers, you saw something strange happened on their profile. You could try and guess what was going on, but I am certain fans didn’t know what it is about.

On this photo stream from Instagram, you can see Valencia CF fan Santi on his way to Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. Shortly before the game, they published video teasers with new kits.

Sí a mis colores #EsperitValencianista / Yes to my colours #ValencianistaSpirit

A video posted by Valencia CF (@valenciacf) on

Sí a mí escudo #EsperitValencianista / Yes to my crest #ValencianistaSpirit

A video posted by Valencia CF (@valenciacf) on


After they showed the Kits to fans on social media, they shared the whole story they created and showed it on Instagram.

And the story goes like this: Santi is a man who likes challenges and one of the club legends asked him to do something very special. He will be in charge of bringing players the ‘Senyera’ for the match against Real Madrid. Santi has kept his word and arrived on time. On his journey, he had many adventures and a lot of fun, but he accepted this challenge mostly because of the great responsibility: to bring the ‘Senyera’ to the team on time.


Before the game, they prepared all content and materials, and immediately after the game, you could see new Kit promo photos and videos on all of their social media pages and website. 

They already prepared new Kit sales page on their web, and after a great result against Real Madrid, some of the fans probably bought it.  

Also, when Valencia scored a goal, they put visuals with new Senyera Kit. 

11174668_933989366643696_2409848363379803810_o 11203626_933989369977029_8300423273636901315_o



Valencia CF educated the fans by telling them whole story behind the new kit. The strip – red and yellow stripes combined with a blue trim – represent the colours of the Valencian flag, which dates back to the 13th century. It has always been regarded as a symbol of pride for Valencian people and Valencianistas alike, as they see in it a very distinctive feature of their own history and culture.

Below, they explore some of the key times in the club’s history where the Senyera has etched itself on to the memories of Valencianistas.

Screenshot 2015-05-13 00.38.57

As I said, one of the best Kit presentations in sport, ever. It’s important that they used Instagram for short teasers because they gave importance to this social media channel, and they gave fans a reason to follow them on there. 

I also liked that they included their own fans in creating content, and not an actor… this whole story was natural, and that’s the power of campaign. 


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