Last year, our team was at SPORTO Conference for the first time, and it was an unforgettable experience. SPORTO is the leading sports marketing Conference in Southeast Europe, but they have guest speakers coming in from all around the world. 

We already talked with people who are responsible for the most successful sports conference in Europe, and you can read  about it here. You can also take a look at our 5 lessons from SPORTO 2014.

Last year my favorite speakers were Richard Ayers (Don’t Waste your Money on Digital!) and Thomas van Schaik.

SPORTO 2015 aims to give the attendee’s a 360-degree insight to key relevant fields of the trade. This year’s SPORTO Conference will hosts speakers and panel guests from different environments and sectors across Europe: from the UK and the Netherlands to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. 

You will have a look at the sponsorship strategy and activation approaches, brand building in sport, embracing digital media, endorsements, PR in sports (marketing), Olympic sponsorship and the legal aspects that are surrounding the Road to Rio 2016, the relationship between TV and sport, parallels with the entertainment world, a view into event marketing and competition bidding and much more. 

Here are (my) 5 reasons why you should be at SPORTO Conference this year!



This year, we have the opportunity to hear great presentations from Pavel Turek (Red Bull Air Race, Commercial Director), Alexandra Willis (Wimbeldon, Head of Digital and Content), Hannes Jagerhofer  (Beach Majors & Acts Group, CEO), Jackie Fast (Slingshot Sponsorship / Managing Director & ESA / Board Director), Mark Versteegen (Dutch Royal KPN N.V. / Head of Sponsoring) etc.

The best way to learn something is from best ‘real-life’ examples. This is why you need to be at SPORTO. The whole program is here.

We already had an interview with Head of digital at BVB, and we wrote an interesting article about Wimbledon


All speakers and people from sports marketing, sponsorship, PR, digital communications… will be in Portorož. I really liked last years’ networking opportunities during lunch, small breaks throughout the day, and evening party. I had the opportunity to meet some of the best sports marketing professionals, learn something new and stay in touch with them.

There will be also a lot of people from companies which support sport and this conference is a great opportunity to present your project or club to them. 


Every year, SPORTO Conference holds SPORTO Awards, competition presented by Slovenian Marketing Association. It is the award in the sports business industry for successful marketing projects in the field of sport in the Adriatic region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia).

You can see the best projects from this region, and talk to people who worked on those projects. 


At the event, you will receive a Magazine that is the part of the SPORTO Conference. Magazine is printed two times in a year (April, October), and it has great content. You can read interviews, columns, case studies and articles about digital communication, sponsorships, events… You can read more about it by clicking here.

Some Overtime team members are authors of articles in SPORTO magazine, and we are very proud of that. 

“It all started in 2006 with a publication in Slovenian and Croatian before the third annual event. Since then already seventeen issues in Slovenian language and five in English were published. The international version was added with an aim to offer the quality content to a broader readership in 2013. The recipients of the magazine are primarily the participants of our events and the people in the sports business community in our region, while we also send it out to our fellow ESA (European Sponsorship Association) and ESB members, meaning it also gets to sports properties and sponsors such as Arsenal FC, All England Lawn Tennis Club, Borussia Dortmund, Barclays, Coca-Cola etc. The Slovenian edition of the magazine is also an addition for the Slovenian Marketing magazine subscribers for many years.” – LUKA MASELJ 


We will also be at SPORTO Conference, so if you are there, we can have coffee together and talk about sports marketing. It would be our pleasure to meet you. You can contact us here



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