This holiday season nearly every athlete was on Facebook…or Twitter…or Instagram, wishing their families, friends and fans happy holidays. Most of the messages posted were plain simple wishes such as Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Season’s greetings, and were targeting a smaller audience. To attract some attention on social networks during holiday festivities, athletes need to be more creative. Or crazy!
There are many different types of posts we‘ve seen this season.

We found plain Merry Christmas posts by athletes all over the world, but, unfortunately, there were too many to start naming names now.


Strange and funny holiday posts

Next in line are sureal family photos. Even though it is hard to believe, taking a holiday family photo proved to be a bit tricky for some.
To prove that we are not lying, we bring to you:

Dejan Lovren of FC Liverpool

The only festive thing about this photo is his daughter‘s shirt.

Another photo gone bad, this time sweater-wise, comes from 6th ranked tennis player Andy Murray.

Comments under the photo do not lie, it really does look like he is in a retirement home.

We will finish this section with another dress-up mess-up from LA Clippers’ Spencer Hawes, who decided to show up for a game dressed up like a Christmas tree. No hard feelings Spencer! 

Geplaatst door Spencer Hawes op Donderdag 25 december 2014


Holiday family photos 

One of the best midfielders in the world, FC Real Madrid’s Luka Modrić posted a family photo on Facebook with a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ wish to all of his followers. Nothing more, nothing less, message received.

Thank you, Luka!

Sretan Bozic I puno zdravlja… Happy Xmas and lots of health.. Feliz Navidad y un montón de salud… Family Modric.🙏🎄

Geplaatst door Luka Modrić op Donderdag 25 december 2014


Another great example would be a post by Ruben Bover of the New York Red Bulls: 

Geplaatst door Ruben Bover Izquierdo op Woensdag 24 december 2014


From teams to fans 

Whole teams wishing their fans happy holidays is another big thing, and many professional teams make Christmas videos every year. FC Liverpool made a great holiday video this year, but posted it before making sure none of the players made a mistake in their greetings.

Happy Christmas from everybody at #LFC. Here, Brendan Rodgers and his players share their festive wishes to supporters around the world…

Geplaatst door Liverpool FC op Donderdag 25 december 2014


FC Real Madrid’s, FC Bayern’s and FC Liverpool’s holiday videos are just a few from a bunch worth mentioning, but my favorite video, and the one to beat this year, but also in the years coming, is a holiday video from New York Red Bulls. In this video, New York’s goalkeeper Luis Robles is painting a so-called tifo (banner fans showcase at the game) for the fans. This is thedefinition‘ of role reversal. Excellent job!


Biggest applause goes to Valencia CF. Club wished its fans “Happy 2015!” by announcing an arrival of a new player.



What will athletes and professional teams have in store for us next year, we just have to wait and see. But judging by this year‘s work, we have something great to look forward to!

Who is your favorite athlete, and how did he greet you and the rest of his fans this Christmas? Did we miss out on some funny/original holiday wishes? Let us know!

Happy holidays!

Photo by Andy Murray (Twitter)



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