It’a Halloween! That time of year when your age does not play a major role. What does is your personality, creativity, and the child within. Despite its supposed pagan roots, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the US, as well as the rest of the world. Especially for kids. And grownups who never want to grow up.

Over the years, many professional athletes in the US have been celebrating Halloween and playing dress up with their families, friends and teammates. I looked at what professional and college teams in the United States did for Halloween, and picked out my top 7 Halloween treats. Let the countdown begin…



7. The bald spot

A Spurs fan posted a photo on Twitter in a Manu Ginobili ‘costume’, from which you can see they are making fun of Manu’s bald spot on the back of his head. 

Manu could’ve been offended, and we will never know if he was, but his response to the image was pretty cool. It is everything you would want from an athlete on social.  

6. Costume practice

Northwestern University (my alma mater!) football team decided to practice in – costumes. I’m not sure if they had to run sprints because of this, but I’m sure they had a lot of fun. Take a look!

5. Fenway park cemetery

Boston Red Sox organized a little get-together for everyone who would like to come to Fenway and experience the Red Sox halloween. The outfield has been decorated as a cemetery, and it looks pretty cool. Fenway staff was dressed up in costumes, Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster entertained the visitors and handed out candy along with 3 other Red Sox players. All in all, a great idea, and a cool experience for all the fans.

4. Teams playing dress-up

There is always that one guy in the lockerroom who is always up to no good. And when there are a few of those, then it is easier to get the whole team to have a Halloween party. Take a look at some of those organized within professional sports teams.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Washington Capitals  

Halloween party!!!! @nastyashubskaya @kuzy092 @anastasiakuzy92 @orlov_09 @amosova_varvara @galixon @olya_pro Fotografiju objavljuje Alexander Ovechkin (@aleksandrovechkinofficial)

Dallas Mavericks  

Trick or Treat……. Fotografiju objavljuje Charlie Villanueva (@cvbelieve)

Tennessee Titans

Toronto Maple Leafs


trick or treat


Fotografiju objavljuje Leo Komarov (@komarovleo47)

Montreal Impact


3. Be a Cardinal  

Arizona Cardinals had a great idea for this Halloween. A link to a face cutout of one of their star players, Tyrann Mathieu, was put on Cardinals social accounts, and it could be downloaded by anyone and used as a halloween mask. You gotta love the instructions 🙂


2. Halloween graphics

I’m always amazed by the graphics I look at on @inthetrenches account on Twitter. In the past week, a lot of it was, as expected, Halloween themed. Digital wizards have done some really amazing work this year, and this is just a small portion of graphics posted on social in the past few days. 

1. Giving back

Many professional teams realize the importance of giving back to the community. Therefore, every year around Halloween, some teams have a few players put on costumes and visit a children’s hospital in their city to spend some time with sick children and put a smile on their faces. Take a look at how the Avengers (Calgary Flames) did it.

0. Wilsoooooonnnn!!!

I couldn’t help it but pick this as my favorite costume of this years Halloween. There were a lot of good candidates for this award, but this one is the most original of all.  Tom Wilson and Michael Latta of the Washington Capitals dressed as Chuck Noland and Wilson the volleyball, stars of the movie Cast Away. Love the movie, love the costume 🙂 


If I missed something great about this year’s Halloween, tweet me @vukusic11 or comment under the article. 


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