Skiers are some of the most amazing athletes to me. Their will, comebacks after injuries, and hours and hours of training in extreme weather conditions are simply fascinating.

Social networks are an excellent way to tell their stories and engage fans all over the world. Although social channels have the ability to move masses, lot of skiers still didn’t recognize their importance. 

We can’t give them advice on how to be the fastest on snow, but we can give them a few tips on how to do a good job on social.


1. That little check mark really matters

As a person who wants to see what’s going on in skiers’ lives, I’ve noticed that some of them don’t have verified profiles (although the links to those profiles are on skiers’ official websites).  It gets even more confusing when you see multiple profiles and you just can’t recognize which is the right one. Fans shouldn’t spend their time investigating and guessing which profile is official. So verify your pages and avoid possible unpleasant situations, like providing false information which can be very discomforting for your fans.

2. Show your sponsors that they’re doing a right thing

Having their name on you helmet or a ski suit is not enough. Show that you and your sponsor are ”connected on a higher level”.  Find a cool way and show your fans that the brand you represent has a soul and that they should adore them too.  Doing the right thing on social can also be an invitation for new sponsors. They are always welcome, right?



take3. Keep the spark alive

Give them a little bit of you in return. Tell them if you’re happy, sad or worried.  Keep them updated about what happens with you when you’re taking a break because of an unfortunate injury.   Show them how you have fun during vacation (especially during a summer break). Remind your fans why they adore you. Keep that spark alive and you’ll have an ”army of friends” and a lot of positive energy in the toughest moments of your career.

And remember, fans love ”all of you”. Posting just about races and trainings isn’t enough. Always give fans more than they’re expecting. Show them what you do behind the scene and make them adore you even more!



4. Likes multiply with love

Although skiing is an individual sport, skiers seem to be good and supportive colleagues.  It’s always nice to see positive emotions. Showing us how you travel with you teammates or how you have fun, congratulating them after a good race or wishing them a quick recovery after injuries are always good ways to go. Who knows, you might even turn their fans into your new fans. 







5. Don’t set a language barrier

It sometimes seems to me that skiers don’t understand that their fans live all over the world.   I see them posting in their native tongues very often, which is fine, but if you want a global fanbase, then think global. Posting in English, language that the most people understand, should be required.  And it’s also always nice to see that you put an effort to make it easier for your fans.

6. Dare to be different

Remember Janica Kostelić’s braid pigtails? Resi Stiegler’s after race dance?  Didier Cuche’s way to pull skies off?  Simple things often make the difference between ordinary skiers and those who will be remembered.  Creating a hashtag that will make you recognizable can also be a great way to make a difference

7. Show never stops

End of a career shouldn’t be a reason to stop posting on social. It should be considered as a beginning of a new life chapter, in which fans will also be interested in.  So give them a little piece of you, because it always nice to see a good old friend. And who knows, posting on social could lead to a new and interesting career. Don’t miss a chance to be in a right place in a right time. The brand you’ve been building for years shouldn’t just disappear.




It isn’t so hard? Keep us updated and fascinated!



PHOTO: Flickr

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