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3 Ways to Engage Supporters

Engagement is all about emotions. Like telling a story or sending a greeting or always being around fans. Initiatives I wrote about in this text are just some ways of marketing to and with supporters. Always engage with your supporters and help build the next generation of supporters.

Live Streaming Sport Commentary

As a big fan of both podcasts and video podcasts I find it really strange that there are almost no live video podcasts during sport events. And the format is ideal for sport games. Many podcasters film their podcasts live few days after the game, but live coverage of the event, same as the ones their collegues in showbusiness and politics have embraced, are rare.

Great season ticket marketing?

These are some exciting and unique ways to activate your fans early into the new season and also to attract more fans to the stadium despite losses! It may be difficult to apply these to the biggest sports clubs but it would be really interesting to see if more organizations can apply these or similar concepts in their organisations.

When Francesco Totti Cries, We All Cry

One of the greatest footballers of all time, and by far the best player of AS Roma ever, the legendary and unrepeatable Francesco Totti, saddened the whole football world after he played his last match for his beloved club two weeks ago. We were wondering how AS Roma marketed the departure of the club’s best player ever.

European Handball Goes Tech

European Handball Federation in partnership with Sportradar gathered 150 experts in the fields of technology, marketing and sports from all over the world at the “European Handball goes Tech” event in Cologne to discuss and share their views on how new tech will transform the modern handball.

NBA breaks the US marketing ice

I believe every American basketball fan is already aware that if they want to own their favorite team’ jersey which are sponsorship logo free, they must hurry with the purchase, as the NBA’s Board of Governors announced last year, the NBA starts with a three-year sponsorship pilot program for the upcoming 2017/18 season…

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