Overtime’s founders Bruno and Marijan analysed team’s strengths and weaknesses and realised we could use some height and artistic creativity. Market situation showed opportunity to get two amazing team players with versatile skills and our board reacted instantly.

We signed Alen Tomic (design ninja) and Vedran Vukusic (communication & marketing pro). After the deals were done, we managed to get reactions of the new team members.

“I am delighted with an opportunity to be a main graphic designer in Overtime team. I’ve been in graphic design for over ten years now and there are hundreds of projects behind me.  Besides the graphic design, I play guitar and adore sports, which have always been an important part of my life. I like to approach everything I do with fresh and new ideas. I believe I can contribute to the Overtime team by using my creativity which has grown in the past ten years.  I believe that Overtime is the right place for me because it is hard-working team that will take sport marketing in Europe to a whole new level”, said Alen Tomic. You can read more about Alen HERE.

“As a former professional basketball player I see Overtime team as a new challenge in my career. I have played in Israel (BC Ironi Iscar Nahariya) and Croatia (KK Cibona, KK Cedevita and KK Split). In that time, I became two-time Croatian league winner (KK Cibona 2009, 2010), and two-time Croatian cup winner ( KK Cibona 2009, KK Cedevita 2012). I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill, USA. As a former basketball player, I now enjoy watching football or tennis more then basketball! Weird, I know! I love sports, my wife Anita and communication. I am really looking forward combining my professional career with sport marketing in this great Overtime team.”, said Vedran Vukusic. You can read more about Vedran HERE.

With these reinforcements, Overtime continues to build strong team that can help clubs, associations and individual athletes in communication, promotion and branding. Overtime is also creative force that can help companies activate their sponsorships in innovative and creative way.

Photo by: Alessandro Prada (Flickr bibendum84, CC licence, link)

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