Budweiser Found a Way to Involve Fans, Artists and Baseball in Its Latest Marketing Campaign

From this day forward Major League Baseball fans and beer lovers will hold their favorite drink and their favorite team in the palm of their hand.

MLB Opening Day is just around the corner (April 2) and some of Budweiser’s smartest found a way to create a powerful entrance into the League’s 117th season. And they did it by connecting fans, artists and baseball enthusiasts with the self-proclaimed “King of Beers”.

years ago Budweiser was introduced to the American market

One of America’s best-selling brands teamed up with local artists from each city to create unique designs that will represent their city’s personalities and Budweiser’s values on special 12 oz. cans. This story might seem familiar, but apart from similar Budweiser’s moves in the past, this one isn’t just relying on team name and logo.

Official Beer of MLB just released limited-edition cans for following markets: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Oakland, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Washington D.C.

As you can see in following pictures, these artworks feature some of the most recognizable landmarks of each city.


It’s not the first time we’re seeing something like this. According to multiple sources, Budweiser’s latest move was inspired by the success of Bud Light’s team cans for the NFL, but this time the Anheuser-Busch brewing company decided to have a more creative approach.

What have we learned from Budweiser?

This is a great example of brand’s ability to connect with their fans and business partners. The company showed that they can do both – play it safe, but at the same time make adjustments required to demonstrate that they are not one-dimensional.

First reactions show that fans are thrilled by this move and that they can’t wait to grab their favorite team can. And the fans are the ones who will create much needed promotional BOOM. So far, there wasn’t a lot of buzz, but from this day and especially from the moment this year’s baseball season starts, you can expect an explosion on social networks, explosion that will benefit both Budweiser and the MLB. #ThisBudsForYou


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