Case study: Damjan Rudež (Indiana Pacers) NBA basketball camp 2015


MAIN GOAL: Bring the NBA spirit to Croatia

This year`s camp was a building block for years to come, as it will become a traditional and multi-day event.


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Arsen Šolić

Camp director, Damjan Rudez Basketball Camp

Logo design

Damjan has a really specific and well-known shot so we created his shooting silhouette. By doing it this way, we created a completely personalized logo, which is simple and can be used for various graphics. Because of its uniqueness, the logo can be used for all future Damjan’s activities.

Event cover

This visual was the officially published cover photo of the event. Besides the recognizable logo, we used blue and yellow – the colors of Indiana Pacers and also the font which is commonly used in the basketball world. The background is simple – parquet, a place where basketball lives and the main event was held.

After event cover

In the after event cover photo the main focus, besides the logo is on the kids. They were excellent participants of the camp, starstrucked by Damjan, which can be seen in the photo. The main reason we chose this photo in particular, is because it captured some real emotions at the event – the power of joined forces, the youth willing to learn and the experienced professional willing to teach.


 Motivation visuals

It is well known that a good quote, if you choose well, can really emphasize your cause and make an impact. All of the visuals with inspiring, motivational quotes reached higher dimensions with Damjan’s character in the background and colors of the Indiana Pacers. We showed that true motivation comes when you see that someone else made it and if that someone wears the jersey with their name on so could you.


Photo wall (almost 4 meters long)

A big wall image for taking photographs in front of, was created so that all participants can capture their memorable moments from the camp with Damjan in action. Thanks to the photo wall, the kids were presented with a great souvenir – a picture with the athlete they love in his favourite team colors, with the date of this special day when they have enjoyed the game of basketball with their true idol. One memory to remember for many years to come.

 E-certificate for participation

We created a unique certificate for this occasion. We thought what a great feeling it would be to recall this long lasting memory of this special day at Damjan’s camp. Therefore we surprised each participant by sending them a personalized E-certificate, by e-mail, as soon as the camp was finished. E-certificates were designed to fit the visual identity of the event and expand the love for basketball.

 Media relations and camp applications

Overtime team was responsible for all media relations at Damjan’s camp, from the first camp announcement to the final press release. The camp was a popular topic among Croatian media. It was covered by all three national TV companies, as well as daily newspapers and numerous websites. It was great to see how online applications worked like a charm, with all 100+ participant spots filled in 4 days.

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