Finally! Although Valencia had some great marketing campaigns so far, they somehow managed to surpass not just themselves this season, but also other clubs from around the world and also from La Liga. The marketing of my favorite team is most definitely on a high level right now…

The marketing of my favorite team is most definitely on a high level right now and I am bringing you a few examples that will show you exactly how seriously the club from Mestalla is taking it.

First of all, they launched a campaign called #TORNEM, which, when translated, means #BACK. It is a clear allusion to their return to the top.

One of the campaign slogans was: “The past is the future, and the future is now“. Below the text, you can see the visuals that were presented on the club’s official website, on their social networks and other promotional materials. One half of the picture displays players that are currently playing for the club, and the other half presents the legends associated with the club when it was at its best. It is an extremely strong and emotional message to fans (including me) …

The club also launched some new and interesting material for the fans over the summer. For example, they created their own Twitter account in English, which is great news because Valencia has a lot of fans  not only in Spain, but from other countries as well.

They once again emphasized the #TORNEM campaign when they were introducing new players on the team. I can gladly say that the campaign is rapidly starting to yield results.

valencia cf player

The club also engaged their fans in the campaign, especially through Instagram, where fans posted photos and ”collages” made out of images connected to the club. It’s safe to say that the campaign was more than successful! In the previous season, Valencia sold 28 000 season tickets. This season, after the #TORNEM campaign was launched, the number of sold season tickets went up to an amazing 35 000!


valencia instagram


VCF Play is the official video website of the club which functions as an online platform for videos. What is great about it is that fans from all over the world have access to the platform and they were all included in its content during the #TORNEM campaign. VCF Play shares videos such as ”behind the scenes”, press conferences, signing new players and many other stories related to the club.

An English version of the website is also available, which helps the club reach out to a larger number of people.

Valencia CF organizes a friendly match with an another popular football team before the start of each season. The club also takes advantage of this friendly match in order to present the team that will be playing in the upcoming season to the fans.

It was such an impressive presentation this season that, as I was watching it, I felt chills going up and down my spine.

Before the players actually entered the field, they played a video that was composed of stories about each and every player on the team. The stories were read by children from the Valencia CF Academy. The video not only included footage from the club’s rather rich history, but also introduced every player by name in front of the full Mestalla stadium.

You can watch a longer video with emotional introductions of each player right here:

This is how it all looked like in practice – the almost completely full Mestalla stadium with light effects and young Valencia CF players on the field. I am the living proof that this kind of manifestation really makes a fan feel emotional and proud of the club he cheers for.

Valencia CF also found a new way to show the lineups before every game, which is shown in the video below:

Since the new stadium (New Mestalla) is currently under construction, the club still plays at Mestalla. However, they decided to visually change the old stadium. White chairs were replaced with orange ones and there is also a bat, the symbol of the club. The colorful inscriptions under the stands were replaced by black ones which display sponsors in white print.

stadion mestalla

Mestalla also changed its external appearance before the season started. The decorating principle that was used is the same on the exterior as it is in the interior. The stadium now has a rather serious look.

The redecorating of the stadium was also portrayed in a video which was an another great marketing move in branding the club.

The marketing team prepared yet an another surprise for the players – a tunnel leading to the pitch decorated with large pictures of them. The video shows players seeing the tunnel for the very first time and it was a hit among the fans on all social networks!

The club also released the video ”Orange is back” in which they represent their new orange jerseys. It is clear that the campaign worked together with the club’s equipment supplier – Adidas.

The club presented their spectacular new big star player, Alvaro Negredo. For that occasion, they prepared visuals, different videos on VCF Play, photos, a live broadcast on Twitter, etc.

alvaro negredo

Before their match with Atletico Madrid, they created a special campaign called #JUNTSTORNEM, meaning #WEAREBACKTOGETHER.

They also made a video for that particular occasion, and set the special visuals on the outside of the Mestalla stadium.


Players’ uniforms all had the same message – #JUNTSTORNEM. That is, however, not the first case of this kind of marketing in the club. Valencia was actually some sort of ”a pioneer” of this marketing concept when all the players had their club’s Twitter account (@ValenciaCF) on their uniforms during the game against Real Madrid. The result of that specific campaign was excellent. Unfortunately, I can not find the exact information in numbers, but the club gathered a lot of new followers on this social network.

The campaign #JUNTSTORNEM resulted with Mestalla stadium being filled with people, a wonderful atmosphere and a victory over the league champion Atletico Madrid.

You could see the excellent work of the Valencia CF marketing team through these few examples. I am sure the team will continue to grow and succeed in strengthening the brand of the club even more.

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