European football’s biggest night is now behind us. It was a historical night for Barcelona, but which team was better on social media? We’ll compare UEFA, Barcelona and Juventus and their activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, before, during and after the game. Who was the most interesting to you on social media (if you can be objective for a second and forget who you were cheering for)?

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions Legaue official profiles kept it simple and not really active.


Their most attractive post before the game, for me, was the visual with interesting statistics, which compared Barcelona and Juventus. It sure is expected, but it looked nice.


During the game they posted great visuals when someone scored. Personally, from three sides I’m comparing in this article, UEFA had the best looking ones. Also during the halftime they posted an album of photos which summed up the first halftime. After the game post with the most likes, comments and shares was obviously the one celebrating the victory of Barcelona. However, their posts on Facebook weren’t really engaging throughout the whole process.


Twitter – Proceed with caution: We got BURNED!!!

UEFA Champions League official TW account was the least active. They didn’t engage the fans at all during the game and they only tweeted when someone scored.  The only positive activity on TW was the question: ”Who are you backing?” So simple, yet so engaging.



Their instagram account was the by far the best of all their social media, if you ask me. The most interesting posts were the ones about game expectations and when someone scored they didn’t post a visual. They posted real time pictures from the field which brings much more emotion to social media.  


Robert Pirès expects a very close #UCLfinal #RoadtoBerlin A photo posted by @uefachampionsleague on


The key ingredients for Barcelona on social media: Real time tweeting (in English!) and the great Vines.


Their visuals didn’t have much quality in them. They looked great, but they were posted from Instagram so that’s probably the reason behind lower quality




Unlike Juventus (both teams have profiles on various languages), their official TW profile is in English, which is really important. They were the only ones doing the real time tweeting. They were fast, simple and really interesting. Just like it should be. In between the halftimes they posted statistics regarding the 1st halftime and after the game they’ve incorporated Vine in their tweets, which was a great thing to do.


Before the game they were the only ones who had interesting behind the scenes pictures not related to the players or the team, but when they reposted this picture of Messi they’ve showed their fans what victory is all about.


#Repost @leomessi ・・・ Campeonesssssss !!!!!!!!!! Vamossss carajooooo A photo posted by FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona) on


You could feel the love they have for their fans in all of the posts, even the ones in Italian, when I had no clue what they were talking about.


Is there a better way to warm up your fans before the game than a great inspiring video? After seeing this I started to believe that I could win my own Champions League, even though I have never set my foot on that pretty grass.


Both Barcelona and Juventus shared the visual containing the time zones so fans could know when to watch the game. I liked the one from Juventus better. I’m sorry Barcelona fans, but I’ll go with the prettier, simpler one.


After the game they were ready to give the players the support they need through social media and the comments were really warm the whole time, too. They’ve lost, but the hashtag #PROUDofJU wouldn’t be as great as if they were the winners.



Barcelona was great with their real time tweeting, but they forgot their fans. Juventus didn’t. They retweeted the tweets coming from their fans throughout the whole game. As I said, they’ve kept it all in Italian, but you could feel the love. Even after the game, they continued their activity with retweeting messages and articles of support. One must know how to lose.



Again, I have to go with Juventus over Barcelona. Both teams shared great IG videos before the game, which brought us ”the stars” of the game, but the one Juventus made was just visually more attractive to me. Black and white combination just keeps things more classy.


#Juventus starting XI #JuveFCB #UCLfinal #Treble #InstaJuve #FinoAllaFineForzaJuventus #JuveToday #Juventus #Juve #RoadToBerlin A video posted by Juventus Football Club (@juventus) on


To sum things up, if this was a Champions League of social media the winners would be:

Facebook: Juventus. That video had me in the first five seconds.

Twitter: I would say Barcelona, even though nothing compares to those retweets full of love, but Barcelona did great real time tweeting. You didn’t even need to watch the game.

Instagram: UEFA Champion League – We knew that from the start of this article.

Who would be your winner on social media and why?


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