Manchester United announced a kit deal with Adidas last July. The German brand followed on Nike, who had been supplying United for 13 years. Adidas will pay £75m a year, until at least 2025, to produce the Manchester United Kits and Training Gear. They launched the new kits at midnight August 1, 2015.

Last week I published an article about the Chelsea and Adidas campaign, and it was stunning. I must admit that I expected more from this Manchester United campaign, but they are still at the beginning, and we must not forget they could not present anything before August 1st because of their deal with Nike.

They launched some interesting teasers on Youtube, but they didn’t publish them on Manchester United social media channels. Only Adidas had published them.

After the interesting teasers, they published the new kit on all social media at the same time. Interesting fact is that they first presented their new kit on their Facebook cover, and after that they published the video teaser.

I like the way they told their story in this teaser, and also in the whole campaign. Great piece of storytelling.

Built to break expectations. The 2015/16 Manchester United home jersey. #BeTheDifference

Geplaatst door Manchester United op Vrijdag 31 juli 2015


It’s nice how they have included, for fans always interesting, behind the scene content. Adidas senior designer Inigo replied to questions about Manchester United’s new kit, and this is something you don’t see every day.

With this article, they added extra value to the story for their fans. Also, they replied to all the questions about the presentation of their new kit on Facebook and other social media channels. Great job.

Meet the man from Adidas Football who designed the new kit and busted all expectations: #BeTheDifference

Posted by Manchester United on Friday, July 31, 2015


As Wayne Rooney, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Memphis Depay and other United stars prepared for the the new 2015/16 kit presentation, they offered their fans a ‘look into to the past’, into other eras, where the Reds have graced the Old Trafford turf in Adidas strips. 

Check out the best United Adidas Football kits from across the years:

Posted by Manchester United on Sunday, August 2, 2015

They also created content from their Megastore kit launch by putting together their fan experiences and thoughts about the new kit. 

Video: Fans flock to Old Trafford Megastore

“I like the combination of old and new” – The new adidas Football kit was a big hit with fans at the Old Trafford Megastore launch. Tell us what you think…

Geplaatst door Manchester United op Zaterdag 1 augustus 2015


As we always say, nowadays it is important to have players on social media. In situations like this, they will give your club a higher meaning and the information will reach more people. Manchester United and Adidas used players to tell the story from their point of view, but also to expand and reach more people through the Breaking Expectations campaign. 

Looking good in the new kit, Ashley Young!

Posted by Manchester United on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who’s looking forward to Morgan Schneiderlin’s United debut?

Posted by Manchester United on Sunday, August 2, 2015



They added even more value with great photo galleries and wallpapers with the new kits. I love this, especially when you know that fans love to have their heroes everywhere.

I have a problem with the club that I support, I can’t find photos (high resolution photos) to put on my desktop. I would be very happy to get them, but I can’t. Manchester United fans had this option available immediately after the presentation of their new kits. What do you think, what are the chances you will buy a kit at which you look at everyday on your desktop? 

I would like to hear your opinion. Share your thoughts in comments below. 

Did Manchester United and Adidas ‘Break Expectations’? Or was this campaign below your expectations?


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