One of the biggest football (soccer) events in Europe this Fall

In exactly two weeks, one of the biggest football events (or – for our American readers – soccer event 🙂 ) in this part of Europe will take place in Zagreb, Croatia. Between 27th and 30th of October the capital of small, but beautiful South Eastern European country will be the football center of Europe!

Football Fest is a big event consisting of three parts – a football expo, a football conference and a football fun zone. Football clubs, football associations and companies related to football from central and southeastern Europe have confirmed their participation at the big football event in Zagreb.

“You play football with your head and your legs are there to help you.” – Johan Cruyff, famous Dutch footballer and coach (25 April 1947 – 24 March 2016)

visitors are expected at Football Fest

“This event should bring together the entire industry related to football – the manufacturers of football boots, sports apparel, grass to medical supplies and series of other football related products and services” – Alan Balen, project manager, the CEO of AB Sport Consulting

Football Expo

More than 3500 square meters (11482.94 square feet 😉 ) are intended for a football expo. So, if you know someone who is in some way related to football, and wants to showcase their product, service or idea to their target audience, there is no better place for them then Football Fest Expo later this month.

Football Fest Expo is an excellent opportunity to promote your club, association, product or service (there will be more than 50 thousand football enthusiasts and personnel). It is a great chance to connect with your primary stakeholders (and to „investigate“ your competition). And last but not least, exhibitors will have a big opportunity for direct sale of their products and services to their target audience (fans, football players, managers, coaches, clubs, associations, representatives of companies engaged in football, children, mothers, etc.).


Next segment of Football Fest is the largest football conference ever held in South-Eastern Europe. In two days of Football Fest conference (October 27th and 28th), the biggest football experts from Europe will share their knowledge and thoughts about the latest football trends to more than 400 attendees inside the Zagreb Fair Congress hall.

There are several reasons why should anyone who is in any way related to football attend Football Fest conference. Firstly, they will gather knowledge and latest information about football and sports industry. Secondly, the speakers at the conference are some of the biggest names in football industry, like Oscar Ugaz (establisher of Real Madrid’s digital platform), Diego Valdes (Sports Business Institute Barcelona), Patrick Gasser (Uefa Senior Football and Social Responsibility Manager), Miroslav Blažević (football coach who led Croatia to a third place finish in the 1998 World Cup), and a lot of other eminent football names from Europe.

This two-day conference will give the opportunity to all attendees to listen to 11 football related topics. Conference accreditation will also serve as a ticket to Football Fest Expo and Fun Zone.

If you want to find more information about Football Fest conference, its speakers and schedule, click on the button below.

football-related topics


1. Sponsorship / Commercial Partnership / Marketing Strategy
2. Future Trends
3. Content / Social Media
4. Football and Social Responsibility
5. Lifestile of Football Players
6. Transfer Market
7. Football Tourism
8. Life After the Career
9. Licensing and Merchandising
10. Event Management
11. Football Club’s Challenges of Sustainability


Fun Zone

And, finally, the Fun Zone. Being a part of the biggest football event in this part of Europe is fun for itself. But to take fun to the next level, Football Fest organisers put together an impressive fun zone.

There are going to be two big mini-football tournaments (6-a-side), a Playstation tournament, a Foosball tournament and a freestyle tournament. Actually, there are going to be two freestyle competitions. One for amateurs and the other for professional freestylers with some the best freestylers such as Tobias Bescs and Rafael Spaić.

Besides the tournaments, there is a lot more entertainment for all visitors of Football Fest: Virtual Reality football, penalty shooting, Cageball, Bubble football, electronic dribbling, human foosball, kick precision, vintage football and other.

And, probably the biggest reason why visitors should come to Football Fest is the award competition in which they can win two tickets for El Clasico game, two return flights to Barcelona from Zagreb, and accommodation for two people in Barcelona. Yes, you read that correctly, Football Fest will take two of its visitors to the biggest football match in the world!

“Football is about joy. It’s about dribbling. I favour every idea that makes the game beautiful. Every good idea has to last”Ronaldinho Gaucho, FIFA World Player of the Year 2005 and 2006.





Football Fest is a specialised exhibition dedicated to football. Its desire is to attract fans of the most important secondary thing in the world in South-Eastern Europe (and beyond) to exchange experience, knowledge and contacts while presenting their products, services and projects.

It is a festival of football focused not only on presentation of football-related products but football as a sport in general. That is why a conference is organized with sports business professionals from all over Europe.

Football Fest can give added value to football clubs, federations, players, entrepreneurs, sport industry companies, marketing, research and PR agencies, managers of sports facilities, marketing and kinesiology students and all others who are related or just can’t resist football.

As you may have already noticed, Overtime partnered with AB Sport to organize this big and very challenging event. After the event is over, we will write a Case Study about it, so you can take a closer look at how everything went. Hope to see you at Football Fest!

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Niko Rukavina

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