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Did you notice that some athletes are like wine, they simply get better and classier with time? Having them in sport is great, but things become little bit sad when it’s ”time to say goodbye”. When Xabi Alonso announced that his career will be over next summer, the Internet exploded. It seems that this Basque didn’t only win some of the most important trophies in football, he also won over many fans’ hearts all over the world. Let’s see some of the best reactions on social.


First of all, the way that Alonso said goodbye was very classy. Symbolic photo followed by emotional status was both sad and beautiful at the same time. This is a proof that it’s not always about what we say, because how we say it matters too. 

Lived it. Loved it. Farewell beautiful game.

Geplaatst door Xabi Alonso op Donderdag 9 maart 2017

Alonso’s current club Bayern Munich really said goodbye in style.  Even Berni the mascot remembered the fun times he had with Alonso.

Mein Kumpel Xabi Alonso wird im Sommer seine Karriere beenden. Ich bin froh über die schöne Zeit, die ich mit ihm hatte und freue mich auf die restlichen Spiele mit ihm. Danke, Xabi! 👏 👍

Geplaatst door Berni op Donderdag 9 maart 2017

Real Madrid saluted Alonso by listing all the trophies they won together.

Liverpool FC used Twitter moments to gather all memories from Xabi’s career in one place…

”Alonsomania” didn’t avoid his first club, Real Sociedad.

Realeko bat! Eskerrik asko, Xabi Alonso! 💙⚪️ #RealSociedadUno de la Real! Eskerrik asko, Xabi! 💙⚪️ #RealSociedad

Geplaatst door Real Sociedad de Fútbol op Donderdag 9 maart 2017

According to social media reactions, Xabi was really loved by his former and current teammates…

A classy guy he is, Xabi didn’t miss a chance to send some love back.

Touching ”husband – wife” moment was another heartwarming thing to see.


Sometimes we are not aware of just how great the things we did in our life are until we see that our actions touched so many people. Of course saying goodbye is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s good to know that at some point in our life we did something good, we left a mark, and will be remembered forever. In situations like this, it’s easy to realise that football is not just about results, trophies or money. It’s about emotions. This Alonsomania reminded us of some great football moments and made us relive them again. The number of reactions on social media thought us an important lesson:  Love gets bigger if you share it!

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