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The next big thing is coming! Ticketmaster and Eventbrite will start selling tickets directly on Facebook placing their core business inside the social media giant.

The start of the buy-on-Facebook option will be limited to a select group of companies in United States and it is not exactly clear how the entire process will work.


Live video gained momentum

As you can remember, the same was with the live stream which was available only to celebrities and other verified users.

They have showed others how to use it in the best way possible, and in December, the company rolled it out to everyone. Live video was gaining the impressive momentum.


When he was asked about difference between Periscope, Facebook and other live video apps, Zuckerberg’s answer was short and clear: “Audience”.  This positions Facebook as a channel for all types of businesses to reach their customers and attract new ones.

Missing this feature is not an option

Fans are spending less time or, I should say, they are not spending time on websites anymore. They are “living” on social media mobile apps, and we need to find the way to reach them there.

I am sure the “Buy on Facebook” feature will gain the same momentum as live video did a couple a months ago.

Big sports organizations should always secure a certain number of tickets for  a discount sale through Facebook. It is a perfect way to increase social media engagement with fans and attract even new fans to actively follow your Facebook page.

Fans like these kind of actions. It is also a perfect way to attract your them to turn on the notifications on your Facebook page.

This feature is even more important for small events. With such an audience Facebook is probably the best place where you can “tell the world” more about your event. Option to buy a ticket in just a few steps and then share it with just one click, will boost your sales.

It is also known that Facebook likes pages which implemented their new features and are helping the community to promote it. Even if you don’t have direct benefits from this feature it will help you gain a better position in a well-known Facebook’s news algorithm

It seems as if Facebook is trying to become the go-to place on the internet, an inexhaustible source of information, by adding more and more reasons for you to never leave the App.  


Marin Varvodić

Marin Varvodić

Overtime Sports Marketing

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