Our team was attending a Sport Conference in Belgrade, hosted by basketball club Red Star in cooperation with Euroleague Basketball. It was their third annual conference, and this year’s guest speakers included Vera Ivanova (Official Media and Marketing Representative in Russia), Danijel Bukumirović (Vice Serbia), Strahinja Ždraljević (Fantasynova) and Milan Đurov (Euroleague store). 


Bruno and Marijan presented our way of thinking, and tried to motivate people to think outside the box and push for a positive change and think of creative ideas for the sports industry in this region.  They presented some of our work through case studies with cool and creative examples, which sparked lenghty, but very interesting discussions.


One of the cases presented was our awarded project with RTL television for Men’s Handball World Championship in Qatar (you can read the case study here), and the other was a case study of our work for Basketball club Cedevita Zagreb (you can read the case study here). Due to technical difficulties, Bruno and Marijan did not show you the promo video for KK Cedevita, but you can see it here if you’d like.

After their presentation, Bruno gave an assignment to all the participants of the conference. A few years back, Euroleague made T-shirts for BC Maccabi Tel Aviv, and ‘Champion of 2014’ was printed on them. Bruno asked the audience ‘what would they do with these T-shirts in case Maccabi didn’t become the Euroleague champion in 2014?’.  Best answer could be awarded with an internship. You can still send us your thoughts at bruno@promoovertime.com. 


Since the audience was very eager to get more creative sports marketing ideas, they were told to read interesting case studies on our blog about the Atlanta Hawks and Nike storytelling. 

The Sport Conference in Belgrade showed how important it is to organize such gatherings in this region


Our presentation:

[slideshare id=58768238&doc=dnxuqqsirye0x7evpcnn-signature-a0e619b1ea8a3b4f0c5a97157d07e50ec1aaa55c2fb286ca309d88c0144a22e8-poli-160226173610]


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