In August, Forbes published an article about the highest- paid female athletes of 2015 and it made us really curious. These girls are amazing in what they do, but we wanted to take a better look at their social media accounts. Are they rich on that field too?

The reason behind that is pretty simple. If you are a female athlete or you manage social media for one, it’s more relatable to learn from these examples. We won’t write about their earnings, because that list just helped us pick three ladies out of top 5, but if you want to read more about that you can do that here.

Ana Ivanović

ana ivanovic fb 1

Social media: Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram

Facebook likes: 3,082, 850

Twitter followers: 638, 506

Instagram followers: 634, 000 +


Her Facebook page is a little bit plain. Most posts are about matches, which is not bad, but there is no interaction with the fans. Almost every photo is of her and the page is not always active, they don’t post every day.

ana ivanovic fb 4


For Ana, her Twitter account is always ”on the go”. Most of the information is about places she’s travelling to.


Her Instagram profile is at the top of the game, it is her most personal social media platform. There’s just the right amount of the information about her favourite food, clothes and lifestyle.


Danica Patrick

danica patrick fb 1 Social media: Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube Facebook likes:  1, 357, 381 Twitter followers: 1, 292, 809 Instagram followers:  164, 000 +


She has a really active page. It’s filled with useful information about races, cars she’s driving, but what I love the most are various photos. My personal opinion is that putting up plain headshots as a profile or cover photo is not a good idea. Her car really suites the vibe of the page.  danica patrick fb 2


Her account is really well managed and personally it’s really interesting to read some of her tweets.  It’s all about her professional life, but there is just the right amount of fun facts about her everyday life.


If you want to find out more about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should follow Danica on Instagram. It’s really refreshing to see accounts of famous athletes looking like this and not being all about their fame in sports.

Workin on the flexibility! Walls are a great tool! Let’s me give a push from my legs right there!😆 A photo posted by Danica Patrick (@danicapatrick) on

Serena Williams

serena fb 1 Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Facebook likes: 3, 765, 436 Twitter followers: 5, 664, 052 Instagram followers:  2, 2 + mil.


Serena has a real ”celebrity” fan page. You can always find out stuff about products she’s endorsing, but in a really relatable way – for example, photos from the phone, presented in a more relaxed tone. There isn’t much of an interaction, but hey – she is Serena! serena fb 3


Another ”celebrity” profile, but it looks like a lot of stuff were posted by her, which is great.  There is a lot of fun content, however most of the latest tweets were Instagram shares.


Lately she has been posting a lot about events she goes to as a public person, which can be interesting, but for an athlete that can also be a bad thing to do. One shouldn’t forget to post about the sport that provided all of that glamour. Fans like to see photos from training and matches as well. 

Soooo much fun last night with @kimkardashian #Repost @kimkardashian with @repostapp. ・・・ San Fran with Serena 💋 A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on


Getting ready for my show @hsn A video posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on


5 thing we can learn from these accounts

1. Post every day

There is not much wisdom in that, but that’s always an advice worth repeating.

2. Don’t post only pictures of you or the person the profile is representing

Be more than what’s on the outside. Profile should represent the whole package.

3. Keep in mind that fans are curious about everyday life of people they follow

You don’t have to post every meal on Instagram. But if you have a cute pet, why not?

4. Be prepared for the fact that often the appearance will be in the focus

You’ve probably asked yourself why are some comments marked red. They are all comments about the looks of these ladies. Look how many comments there are! We all know that these women are sisters, friends, mothers, girlfriends, aunts, the best athletes, entrepreneurs and much more and still – people mostly comment on their looks. Females have to deal with that every single day, especially in sports. Be bigger than that, show that the person you are representing on social media is bigger than that and don’t let those comments get to you.

5. Know your strong social media account, but give them all enough attention

As you can tell, all of these girls are not equally great on all of their accounts. I chose not decide who’s the best in what, because I’m all about empowering all women even when we talk about social media, but you’ll always have some better accounts. Make them your ”safety net”, but always work on improving others too.


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