As an official sponsor of UEFA, HTC created a series of Vines starring its own phones as football players, recreating goals from UEFA Europa League and Champions League matches.

The brand created videos immediately after the matches. These Vine videos were adopted not only to promote goals but also to promote the HTC One M9 handset to a mobile-first generation

It’s cool, interesting and easy-to-share content, and we live in the age of likes, views, shares, retweets… Content, engagement and contact are ‘the now’. HTC content strategy showed huge potential last Saturday, in Champions League final where video was looped more than 315 000 times. 


This campaign showed why it is important to create content for fans. For HTC, content is in focus. After they created great content they had great results, and they had the promotion of their own HTC One M9 handset. 

Because of content I wrote this article about their campaign, because of content fans shared it on social media, and because of that, they will probably talk more about HTC.

Here are some interesting examples from the campaign throughout last season.

They are trying to make interaction with fans with these cool questions about stadiums, balls etc. It’s a different way of communication on social media, and because of it, it’s cool to all the fans. 

Questions are really easy (especially to the football fans), and their main purpose is to improve interaction with the fans. (Bring your cursor over Vine to read the question)

If you add to this the fact that 60 per cent of people are watching videos on mobile and they can literally be anywhere when they are checking their news feed, HTC delivered a great campaign!

I really enjoyed this campaign and I must admit, for me it’s the best Champions League ad campaign this year. It would be cool to see these short Vine ads on TV.  They made something special, and that is what is important because authentic content is getting amazing reach, amazing engagement!




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