CASE STUDY:  Plug ‘n’ play team for content creation, marketing support, creativity and fan experience activities for BC Cedevita Zagreb

MAIN GOAL: Bring basketball back to Zagreb and have a sold out crowd during BC Cedevita Euroleague games!

Creative force and logistic support for BC Cedevita since September 1, 2015.

Dražen Petrović hall capacity

Home games played in Euroleague



Club was found in 1991 as BC Botinec, but its real growth began in 2005 when Atlantic Grupa became its general sponsor and renamed it to BC Cedevita. Since 2005, the club has been continuously growing. From competing only in Croatian 1st Division to earning a spot in the Adriatic league, Cedevita has recently left a mark in European competitions as well.

History in the making:

Croatian league finalists 2011 and 2012

Croatian league champions 2014 and 2015

ABA league finalists 2011/12, 2013/14, 2014/15

Eurocup 3rd place 2011

Euroleague group stage 2012/13

Euroleague group stage 2014/15

Euroleague Top 16 2015/16


BC Cedevita managed to get to and engage their target audience – the millennials.  BC Cedevita games are now an event everyone wants to be at,  and 4 consecutive sold out Euroleague games show that.


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Creating video content

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]
[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

We created scenarios for many video materials for BC Cedevita, from game previews, behind-the scene videos, short interviews, etc… 

We are especially proud of our motivational video (on the left) made prior to BC Cedevita – EA7 Olimpia Milano game, an important game after which BC Cedevita qualified for the Euroleague Top 16 phase.

In other cool videos, we tried to show the emotions that are surrounding the club, and we showed them in the best way through fans’ reactions during a game. This video is also on the left side.

(Click CC for subtitles in English)

You can see all the videos here.

Video production: Marino Čačić

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[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


Visuals and Infographics



We thought of and created many visuals and infographics for BC Cedevita social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Here are a few examples (Dražen Petrović infographic was written up by us, and designed by another BC Cedevita partner).


Digital promotion

We managed the online promo campaign for BC Cedevita games which also  included Instagram ads. The reason we chose Instagram is because our target audience are millennials, and they very active on this social platform in Croatia.

Our Google ads targeted the most visited Croatian website, and with Facebook we targeted Zagreb and surrounding area.


Hall Branding

We worked as consultants to help the club brand the inside of their hall. Branding is very important because it makes fans feel like they’re home.

BC Cedevita plays in two halls. We helped with branding of the inside of their ABA League hall.

They play Euroleague in Dražen Petrović hall where we were the creative force, helping BC Cedevita with branding in front of the gym, as well as with all the halls on the inside.


Fan experience and fan engagement in the gym

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Fans and emotions are the most important thing to every club. Because of that, we tried to improve fan experience at the games with many interesting things in the hall, such as Playstation 4 stations, kids corners, photo booths and many other interesting things you can see in the video.

During the game, we organized prize contests for fans, Instagram competition with BC Cedevita hashtag #samojako and new app PointMe. Whoever took a photo during the game with the PointMe app, won a prize.

After the games, for our fans, we prepared Afterparties in a night club near the hall.


Players’ social media education 

During Euroleague media day, we organized social media training session with BC Cedevita players. It’s very important for players to be active on social, especially because Euroleague insists on this in their propositions.

They are fully aware that players can achieve a much better reach and promotion on social, and we talked with BC Cedevita players about that.

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Creating Emojis 




BC Cedevita is the leading Croatian basketball club on social. They’ve realized that, as a relatively young club with a small fanbase, they need to engage younger audience and turn them into Cedevita’s fans. Because the target audience are millennials, we created emojis for all Cedevita players based on their appearance and/or nicknames.

Take a look at players’ reactionsa to emoji in our hidden camera.

You can download BC Cedevita emoji by clicking here.

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