Daniel D’Arrigo, chief financial officer for MGM Resorts International, said the company has held preliminary discussions with Bill Foley looking to bring a National Hockey League team to Las Vegas.

Bill Foley has hired a growing Las Vegas social media company that has cultivated an array of sports clients as part of his campaign to generate 10,000 season ticket deposits for a potential National Hockey League team in Las Vegas.

Bill Foley is the chairman of $4 billion (market cap) mortgage giant Fidelity National Financial has spent the last few years investing $200 million in distressed wineries.

The Foley team is trying to generate at least 10,000 season ticket deposits to show NHL brass that Las Vegas is a viable big-league hockey market. Fans are being asked to pay a 10 percent deposit on season tickets, with the cheapest deposit being $150.

If the NHL does not award a team to Las Vegas, fans will get their money back. If Las Vegas does draw a franchise, the money will be kept as a deposit for a ticket plan.

There is also a website where you can put your deposit (Season Ticket Deposits Start Feb. 10!), and grab your seat for NHL in Vegas. 

Bill Foley, the prospective owner of a proposed NHL expansion team in Las Vegas, reached out to potential fans on Wednesday via email:

Happy Holidays from Hockey Vision Las Vegas

Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about bringing a professional sports team to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a hockey city, and we believe THE TIME IS NOW to make it happen! Our goal is to show the NHL that we ARE a hockey city. You are key to achieving that goal!

Early next year, we plan to begin a ticket drive during which we will collect deposits for season tickets for the 2016-2017 season. We will provide more details as they are available. Please watch your email for more information about how WE can BE a hockey city!

Also, help spread the word – if you have friends, family or colleagues interested in joining our team, please have them sign up at http://www.LasVegas-Hockey.com.

We hope you have a very wonderful and safe holiday season and we look forward to connecting in the new year!

Bill Foley
Hockey Vision Las Vegas, LLC


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SOURCE: NBC sports, Reviewjournal

PHOTO: Jeremy Polanski / Flickr


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