Easter is not as shiny and festive holiday as Christmas is. However, it’s an excellent chance to rise and shine on your social media accounts.  If you mix a few doses of creativity, will and holiday spirit, you can make a great dessert, in which both you and your fans will enjoy. The following five ideas can help you engage your fans during Easter holidays.


If you think that everything interesting has already been invented and seen, you are very wrong.  Creative ideas are everywhere, you just have to find them.

If you are a multicultural club, ask your players to describe Easter traditions from their region.  Their stories can be an excellent source of interesting ideas on which you can build you Easter story.  For example, some countries have the tradition of pouring a bucket of water on other people. Seems like something that a lot of fans would like to see in video, isn’t it? If you don’t feel like poring water on someone’s head, just make a video from all the different stories your players tell you. 

Another thing you can do is ask your players to remember how they spent Easter with their families and loved ones during their childhood, what was their best Easter present ever or what is their favorite traditional Easter meal. Put that together in one video and share it on Easter day. I’m sure that every fan will enjoy finding out something new about their favorite players. 


Colorful eggs are one of the main symbols of Easter.  They are also a part of interesting traditions like egg dumping or egg rolling, which can easily spark your players’ ”competitive spirit”. So what should you do? Organize an Easter competition with your players in one of these ”disciplines”.

Choose sixteen or eight of your players and organize ”a knockout tournament”.  Record each leg of the tournament separately and share them your videos during Easter day and ask your fans to pick their winner. Enrich videos with competitive comments to engage your fans. They will definitely be thrilled to see players of their favorite club in an unusual situation where they ”compete” aganist each other and have fun at the same time.



Social media account takeovers are becoming a very popular way of giving fans an interesting view of the matchday.  If the Easter day is also your matchday, use one of the biggest Easter ”stars” to do the takeover – the Easter bunny. Announce this takeover a couple of days before so your fans have something to look forward to.

When the day comes, don’t forget to spice it up with ”bunny” comments such as: “The grass is ready for the match. Unfortunately for me, it’s not as tasty as it looks on TV!” or “Oh, what an excellent atmosphere in the gym. My fur has just cowered!”

Of course, if you have a chance,  get a bunny mascot for that day, dress him up in your team’s colors, send him to the stands with a selfie stick and let the fun begin.  I’m sure that every fan would like to have a photo with the Easter bunny wearing their favorite club’s jersey. This is something that we’ll definitely pay attention to on social, isn’t it?

No matter how your match ends, with something like this you will definitely be the winner of the day.  


One of the best things about holidays is children’s excitement about them, so don’t miss a chance to give them one more thing to be excited about.

Days like these always wake up the artist inside all children, which can be great for you. All you have to do is to make an Easter theme coloring page with your ”touch”, put it online and let the magic happen. An Easter egg with your logo seems like an excellent motive for this occasion. Moreover, encourage proud parents to showcase ”masterpieces” to the world by using a hashtag you created especially for this occasion. Sharing the best on your web site, Facebook album or video wall is a great way to show how thankful you are for having them on your side.

Of course, rewarding little artists for their effort and creativity would be icing on the cake, especially if you let the players decide which one is the best. Even if you reward them with something small such as an autographed card, you’ll give your little fans an unforgetable experience and probably “buy” their love for life.


No matter how old we are, the little child still sleeps somewhere inside us. Holidays are an excellent occasion to wake our inner child up.  Easter hunt seems like an excellent way to do this. All you need for this are ”eggs” and places you can hide them. Print the egg – shaped gift vouchers or put the paper vouchers in plastic eggs, hide them bellow the seats, in your fan shop or around your stadium or gym. 

If you want to make this hunt extra special, include your players in it. Make a video of them packaging the eggs, preparing the prize or trying to find a good place to hide them throughout the stadium/gym. This can make fans even more excited for the hunt.

In this kind of game everybody wins. Fan will have a great dose of fun and you will have their hearts. Good deal, isn’t it?


Easter themed graphics, Easter giveaways and discounts or videos in which players will say Happy Easter are always a good idea. But don’t be satisfied with just good ideas. With just a little effort your ideas can become excellent. Aim for that and make this Easter memorable for your fans.




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