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In sports,  sponsorship should never be just a business deal.  Athletes and their sponsors should become a some sort of a relationship. One of the relationships I like the most is the one between the brand Head and  their ”rebels”.  It goes something like this:  Head produces great equipment, skiers give their maximum and take the best out of Head equipment, and what’s also very important, fans love this relationship. They enjoy not only the success of their favorite athletes,  but also the way Head makes the World cup interesting to follow.

Let’s see what makes  this relationship so special.

First of all, I couldn’t imagine a better logo than this.  Something typical for skiers, like skies and the crystal globe is creatively turned in something that perfectly goes with the term “rebels”.  Putting an effort in making visual identity is a safe way to become memorable and shows the soul and spirit of their relationship.

Geplaatst door Rebels Club op Donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Another great thing about this is posting updates during the races. If fans can’t watch the race, Head ski’s accounts are a great place to check what their favorite rebels are doing.  So simple but such an effective way to keep fans interested.

Halftime at #worldcuplakelouise and the #worldcuprebels are looking fast Lara Gut sits at #1 while Kajsa Kling at #4. "…

Geplaatst door Rebels Club op Zondag 4 december 2016

A thing we all adore about athletes is that they often motivate us with their inspirational stories.  One athlete who definitely does this is Aksel Lund Svindal,  whose comeback has shown us that everything is possible.  Sharing stories such as this one is a ”must have” if you want to spark fans’ positive emotions.  And if you create that emotional conection, they are yours.

He is one of the biggest names in the sport and Aksel Lund Svindal makes his long awaited return this weekend in…

Geplaatst door HEAD SKI op Vrijdag 2 december 2016

Der Axe ist zurück!!! Aksel Lund Svindal #worldcuprebels #worldcupvaldisere

Geplaatst door Rebels Club op Woensdag 30 november 2016

What’s one of the best ways to make your potential customers think that your products are worth buying?  Probably making them believe that people they respect, follow, and whose opinion they value, actually love your products.  I’m sure that many alpine skiing fans would want the product that helps their favorite athletes achieve great results. So if you show your fans how much joy your product brings to your brand ambassadors, they’ll probably believe that it’s good for them too.

Giveaways are always a good way to engage and get closer to your fans. If the giveaway includes a dose of creativity, holiday spirit and some of the best ahletes in the sport, it becomes even better.

Who is our Santa?

Who is our Santa? Guess which Worldcup Rebel is behind the Santa and win a unique pair of HEAD Skis. By posting the right name until 24.12.2015 (23:59) you are accepted to the raffle and might be the lucky winner of the HEAD Ski signed by our #WorldCupRebels.

Geplaatst door HEAD SKI op Zaterdag 19 december 2015

HEAD Secret Santa

Can you guess what's inside the box? Comment your answer for your chance to win our Secret Santa Gift. Winner will be announced next Tuesday (Dec 6th). #worldcuprebels

Geplaatst door HEAD SKI op Donderdag 1 december 2016

It seems that Head doesn’t forget their former stars either. Didier Cuche, who is, even though retired, still beloved among alpine skiing fans was active on social for Head in this interesting contest. Very nice move by Head to use a legend of alpine skiing to give away such an amazing prize. It was a “perfect match” for the occasion.

Didier Cuche wants to give you a chance to ski with him on December 20th in Courchevel Officiel France. #headfirstrun contest sign up online at http://www.head.com/firstrun

Geplaatst door HEAD SKI op Maandag 28 november 2016

Since fans can be very curious, it’s a smart move to give them all the information they want or should know.  Whether it’s news from the slopes or the story from the ”backstage”, fans deserve the information. It’s seems that even physics become interesting when it’s explained by one of the rebels.


In the end, let’s remember some Head ski classics. It’s very nice to see that the love between Head and the rebels grows as the time passes by. This shows that no matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement.


What can everyone learn from this ”lovely couple”?  I believe that every relationship advice that you have ever heard can be applied here. Love youself more day by day, treat each other with respect, find magic in small things and let your love grow as time passes by. But also remember that in this case, third side is also involved. Third side are fans who must enjoy this relationship as much as possible. You both exist because of them, so don’t let your hard work be wasted because they don’t know what you are doing. Often small things make the best magic, you just have to find it and serve it to them.



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