Six Best Social Media Tips You’ll EVER Get

‘Sup folks? I sincelery hope you enjoy reading our articles. It’s not that I’m bragging, but you can find a lot of good advice here. To make your life easier, I tried to write down the entire wisdom of social media marketing in sports in one place. I bet you didn’t know that things can be much easier than they seem.

Let’s see how it this social media “thing” works!

  1. First of all, if you have any doubts if you should have official social media accounts, I would say: DON’T have doubts! Have as many social media accounts as you can! It’s something like Pokemon GO, you gotta catch them all to be cool! The truth is, if you aren’t active on some of them, you’ll probably run into some geeks (Murphy’s law) who will wonder why you aren’t and make you feel stupid. Yes, they are worst kind of people, almost like that annoying aunt at a family dinner who keeps asking you ”Hey, do you have girlfriend/boyfriend, when will you get married or when will you have children?” So, just open accounts on as many networks as you can! The trick is that you don’t have to be active on them. If someone poses a question about the lack of activities,  just claim that some weird virus or bug deleted all your activity.
  1. If you are an athlete who dislikes certain clubs, athletes or brands, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on social. It looks very natural, so just go for it, people will adore it! You can also share some fun moments like wearing your biggest rivals jersey, drinking alcohol or destroying your sponsor’s product. Something like this will draw attention and everyone will write about you and you will be come famous worldwide in a heartbeat. You’ll probably read or hear somewhere that this is the ”absolute no-no”, but don’t listen to them, they are partybreakers. Do you think Eminem would be so popular if he didn’t rap about his mom and ex wife in a disrespectful tone? Me neither, his songs wouldn’t be the same without those insulting lyrics! And to be completely honest, the only reason I’m not writing bad things about my Overtime colleagues is because they are much bigger than I am.
  1. Another important advice is: Don’t interact too much with your fans. First of all, it’s a huge waste of time and Candy Crush levels won’t just pass themselves. The second reason is, once you do that, your fans will expect you to do that all the time and whine as soon as you stop doiing it. Yes, fans can sometimes be spoiled brats! Reason number three –  it can be bad for their health. Seriously, if they are hard core fans, they can get too happy and get a heart attack. I’m sure that you don’t want to be responsible for that.
  1. Another big waste of time is design. All of those colors, fonts, shapes and formats can be so confusing. So if you want to impress you boss, put as much as you can in one place. One of them will actually look good and everybody will find something they like. If someone tries to bother you with advice or tries to explain to you that it just shouldn’t be that way, use the good old sentence: Beauty is in the eye of a beholder.
  1. If you want to get a lot of comments, try with writing something like: ”Your the best fans in a whole world!” See what I did there? For some reason people love to be nerdy and act like lectors on socials. With something like this, you’ll definitely get a lot of comments. Do this as often as you think is necessary and just keep on annoying them because honestly, those kind of people are not even your real fans. Real sport fans are into sports, not grammar. They probably liked you just to impress someone cool who really likes you. But as long as they count as a number and can increase your reach, nerds are welcome too.
  1. Live covering of an important match can be very exhausting. And boring, because you can’t drink a beer while doing it. So, just don’t do it. Be like ”We are pretending that it’s 2001 and remembering how it used to be”. Real, old fashioned hardcore football fans will definitely think you are a marketing genius! And you’ll enjoy that match with beer in your hand.


And the most important of all iiiiiis: Do all the opposite because I’m just joking. This is my way to remind you to celebrate the 1st of April with your fans.  So don’t unlike us, unfollow, or anything similar, just use this as inspiration to prepare a cool April’s fool joke and amaze everyone! Good luck with it!


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Brankica Mandić

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