Skysports and Schalke 04 created an unforgettable fan experience for the oldest fan club in Germany. The fans can’t go to the games anymore because they don’t have money for expensive tickets.

In this video, Skysports and Schalke 04 awoke emotions, while Heinrich Hohnert and the rest of the fan club recalled memories at the beloved club. For example, not everyone paid for tickets before; one person paid and then slipped the ticket back for others to use.

“To be totally honest, I’ve never been inside the new arena,” – Heinrich Hohnert
Schalke surprised them with a ‘Königsblau’ style redecoration of a TV room in which they were usually watching Schalke games. Then, the club invited them to Veltins-Arena to watch Schalke 04 home game against Hannover. 

They were escorted down to the field, and a documentary about them was played on the big screen. This Schalke 04 act touched their hearts, and they received a well-deserved round of applause from the stands.

“It’s enough to make me cry!” 

Emotional ad, both for television and the club, great job!


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