UPDATE 26.2.2016.

Vedran Vukušić was a guest speaker at a webinar about “Snapchat in Sport” hosted by Sports Business Institute Barcelona. It was a very insighful 60-minute lecture on how to leverage Snapchat as a sports property.

Here are some reactions on Twitter during and after the webinar was finished…

If you would like to see the webinar, click on the following link: Snapchat in Sport webinar

We also wrote an eBook “Snapchat in Sport”. Read more about it here, and see what sports marketing influencers from around the world had to say about it.



Our own Vedran Vukušić will be a guest at Sports Business Institute Barcelona webinar about a very interesting topic these days – Snapchat in sports

The Sports Business Institute (SBI) is a private learning institution based in Barcelona with a regional office in North America that aims to provide top-quality practical executive business training to those aspiring to work or advance their career in sports, with a particular focus on the football/soccer industry.


Diego Valdes (as moderator) and Vedran Vukušić as a webinar guest speaker will try to tell you more about Snapchat, and why is it important to be on Snapchat as a sport club or an athlete.

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Vedran will also give an overview of our eBook about “Snapchat in Sport”, with some really cool examples from all over the world, to all people who will be attending this webinar. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to Diego and Vedran after the webinar. 

Webinar will take place on Friday, February 19, at 3PM (Spain), 2PM London, 9AM (USA/EST).

You can sign up by clicking here.


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