It’s Thursday night in New York, and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are in town. It was a long day at the office and you don’t want to look for a place in one of the thousand overcrowded pubs, but this is a game you shouldn’t miss as a Giants fan.

You sign into Facebook and find a match in your news feed. Prematch stats, analysis, predictions of friends and fans worldwide. Giants are streaming a prematch speech from Ben McAdoo and Tom Brady has just posted a video from the Patriots locker room.

No, this didn’t really happen, but it is something that could become a reality pretty soon.

It all started last year after Yahoo famously streamed the NFL game from London which was the first time ever that the NFL had livestreamed its game. 

After Yahoo reported that almost 15 million people tuned into the stream at least once, NFL has decided to widen a streaming offer to more games seeing the opportunity to make more money by doing this.


The bidding war for the rights to stream NFL games is heating up as Facebook, along with other tech giants, showed interest to become “the home of Thursday Night Football”.

Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnership, confirmed in his interview for Variety that Facebook is in negotiations with the NFL. He also mentioned that the company has contracted Hollywood agents to animate their clients to use the Facebook live streaming feature. Live stream feature is already available for European Brands, and now clubs and athletes use it even more because they recognized it as a great way to reach a huge audience worldwide.

If Facebook manages to get exclusive rights to stream Thursday Night Football, they will surely implement it in the Facebook Stadium feature and try to monetize it by bringing thousands of new advertisers on board.

By doing this, Facebook might have revealed their future plans and willingnes to start the “Social TV”, the combination of big screen experience and interaction with friends or watching the behind scene content at the same time. It’s actually the first sign of what TV might look like in the future.

If they succeed in the United States, I am sure they will cross the ocean an try to snap one of the popular European leagues.

Can you imagine a Tuesday night and Champions League live on Facebook? As a hard core sports fan I can’t, but how many times were you unable to watch your favorite game? Miss the game or sign into Facebook for the complete experience? 

Welcome to the future of TV!


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